A Skills Gap? Maybe not.

Job reports from June continue to dissapoint after unemployment in the US was found locked at 8%, with many calling the jobless rate the  new equilibirium and simply the best we can hope for. Others had ideas of their own. 

Any quick search job search online reveals a wasteland of job openings for companies big and small, the issue is that job seekers are finding their applications seldom picked up, let alone responded to by a human HR representative. The trend in large scale hiring these days is, for better or worse, focused on such programs as taleo, jobvite and a number of other recruitment software applications that select applicants based on often obscure combination of experience, education, and background. 

Due to gaps in recruitment software and salary expecation from both potential employers and employees many are looking at the skills gap as an oversimplification of a problem that is in reality much more complex than the talking points released from government and corporate public relation firms. 

Source: Bloomberg Businessweek

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