What if Apple Charged You for Failing to Purchase an iPhone?

Imagine your driving to the local Apple store to purchase an iPhone and on the way your car breaks down making it impossible for you to purchase Apple’s popular device. You’d be pretty upset right? Well how upset would you be if you then received a bill from Apple  for your failure to purchase their product? That’s kind of how residents of a Washington, DC suburb feel towards their electrical energy providers.

Customers of Pepco energy provider in a Washington, DC suburb will see an extra charge on their electric bill due to lost revenue from a recent major storm outage. The charge prompted by a bill stabilization law allows the energy company in question to recoup charge losses up to a 24 hour period. Understandably the realization by local residents effected by the law are outraged and curious as to why they are being billed for a service they did not receive. 

Source: wusa9.com

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