To Be iPhone 5? Or Not to Be? That is the Question.

An article out of Cnet asks what it might mean if the next iPhone isn’t branded with the iPhone Moniker at all? It seems that many who buy a smartphone these days are least concerned with the phone functionality after considering the long list of other features that for many are more utilized than the functionality brought to life by Alexander Graham Bell. 

The question of whether or not Apple’s next handheld device will be called an iPhone is slighlty out there, but it’s worth noting. The smartphone label is tiring and if anyone is going to help the mass of consumers figure out what else is possible with a small electronic device the boys at Cupertino at probably your best bet, or at least thats how it seems for now. The need for another lofty evolutionary push with help from Cupertino is diar, all one has to do is take a look at the success of the iPad, a slight twist and perfection of a previously imperfect vision and consumers drank it up like mad–they were obviously in need of a fundamental change like the iPad.

Corporate America has stunted the creative process for creators of all industries, especially the electronic hardware industry. Yet, Apple is leading the game becasue they are the only company set up to take chances, chances that are brilliantly executed. The smartphone is ready to evolve courtesy of Apple.

Source: Cnet

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