360° Coverage : Hiller Law Discusses Marriage Boosters with Good Morning America

Hiller Law Discusses Marriage Boosters with Good Morning America

Hiller Law's Divorce Prevention Program provides relief to struggling marriages.

Aug 2 2013, 2:49am CDT | by PR.com

Houston, TX, August 02, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Divorce Prevention Program provides relief to struggling marriages

Hiller Law Firm, a Houston-based family law practice, was featured by Good Morning America discussing Marriage Boosters ™ and the success of postnuptial agreements, in a segment yet to be released. Traditional postnuptial agreements, created by two parties after marriage, require a couple to think about how assets will be protected in the event of a divorce, but they can also outline methods to help your marriage prior to filing for divorce.

“Our Divorce Prevention Program, Marriage Boosters™, encourages parties discussing divorce to see if they can save their marriage,” said Michael Hiller, Founder of Hiller Law Firm. “Couples can consider a postnuptial agreement that protects their finances, but can also include Marriage Booster ™ clauses that outline steps to help their marriage,” said Hiller. Hiller, who has been a practicing Texas family lawyer since 1989, is a strong advocate for marriage education before and during marriage. He created his first relationship education program in 2004, called LifeSquared™.

“In addition to Marriage Boosters™ in your traditional postnuptial agreement, it is also important to have provisions for relationship education.” Often confused with marriage counseling, marriage education provides skill development, whereas marriage counseling tries to solve a couples’ issues through therapy. Research shows that learning skills offers the marriage a better chance of surviving than counseling alone.

“We want marriages to last. I encourage all couples to create agreements that include a plan to learn and maintain relationship skills,” said Hiller. “I am delighted when clients call and tell me the postnuptial agreement we created saved their marriage and I hope the recognition from Good Morning America encourages more couples to consider Marriage Boosters™.”

About Hiller Law Firm
Hiller Law firm stands out because you can get legal advice that you can’t get anywhere else we know of: 1) You are facing divorce, and you may or may not want it. If you do, we can help with your divorce. If not, we have Marriage Boosters™, where we add a “work on your marriage’ plan to your postnuptial agreement. 2) Hiller Law can resolve your case out of court with collaborative law. 3) Hiller trial lawyers fight for you in divorce court. Regardless, Hiller lawyers know how to guide you through the process that is best for you.

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