360° Coverage : Inspiring Self-Acceptance Through Handmade Wearable Art

Inspiring Self-Acceptance Through Handmade Wearable Art

Kyra Thomas, the sixteen year-old founder of Bibelot Clothes, is working to change the world through her unique handmade clothing. The fashion industry encourages young people, especially girls, to have lower self-esteems through images of underweight, airbrushed models. The purpose of Bibelot Clothes is to provide girls with a supportive community to help them find love for who they are, regardless of society's unrealistic expectations.

Aug 6 2013, 3:07am CDT | by PR.com

Fort Collins, CO, August 06, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Rather than spending her summer at the pool with her friends or working a job like the average teenager, Kyra Thomas has been spending her days building up her business in an attempt to inspire and help others. She noticed that it has become the norm for teenagers and young adults, especially women, to have low self-esteems, and this moved her to make a difference. She and her grandmother work together to make handmade clothing and sell them to build a community amongst their customers that will support one another in the strife for self-acceptance. She celebrates the unique qualities that often are the cause of insecurity in her peers. “You must learn that you are beautiful because you are unique. If you can achieve this, you will know true happiness,” she says, hoping her words will touch the hearts of others and encourage them to fight with her against society's distorted beauty standards. To help spread this concept, Kyra has an interactive Facebook page for her fans and customers to share their ideas and find friends who will support and love them. She is also hiring models and designers to help her share her message. She plans on holding several meetings in the next couple of months, which are open to anyone interested in joining, to discuss ways to overcome the pressure to conform to beauty standards. She is hoping these meetings will help her fan base to build and cultivate healthy friendships and to inspire them to challenge society's beauty standards by allowing themselves to highlight their own unique qualities in their every day life. For more information and upcoming meeting dates, check out www.bibelotclothes.com

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