Minecraft Servers Have a New Directory Offering Minecrafters an Interactive Way to Find Their Favorite Servers

Port St. Lucie, FL, August 17, 2013 –(PR.com)– eMinecraftServers.com, a new Minecraft Server directory, has launched and will be providing an interactive way through which people will find their favorite Minecraft servers. Just like other directories, the site will offer free server advertisement. However, the optional sponsor ads on the rotating banner in the homepage will only cost the owners $7 per month. This will be a very low price compared to other players in the industry.

Minecraft is now a highly popular online game and players are today looking for easier ways through which they can access Minecraft Servers. eMinecraftServers.com will be organizing servers by popularity of voting by players.

All the Minecraft Servers in the directory will be carrying some relevant information including type and capacity. One will also be able to tell the status, whether the server is online or offline, and the number of players who are online at a given time. The popularity of this website is rising at a very high rate and those who register their servers will be sure of reaching out to a huge number of online players.

With the huge variety of games, players are also assured of a unique and highly entertaining gaming experience where they will never get bored. This will also be challenging owing to the expected high number of players. People can utilize the “Search” function to find their favorite servers easily and faster. In case one finds a particular game fun and exciting, he or she can vote for it through a click of the mouse to give it a higher ranking.

Through the quick links, players will be able to try out various Minecraft Server games: Survival (Very similar to normal single-player survival, apart from the fact there are other people on the server. Usually non-PvP (Player versus Player) and no griefing allowed). Creative (A server where you are in creative mode and can build whatever you want, sometimes on a superflat map). Roleplay (Players are encouraged to take on a Role such as blacksmith, cook, etc. Often set in a foreign land and have to gather resources). PVP (Player Versus Player are encouraged to fight against each other. Usually no griefing or stealing). Hardcore PVP (Same as PvP except griefing and stealing are allowed). Prison (The server is set in a prison where you must earn money to rank up. Some servers allow you to become free. Usually no griefing, stealing, or PvP). Faction (Factions (teams) are at war with each other, stealing and griefing as much as possible). Challenge (Server has a challenge such as surviving underwater or completing a really hard parkour course). Economy (Currency, shops, buying/selling. Plots of land are usually purchasable to build on). City (Allows to make houses on protected land, usually goes along with Economy). Hunger Games (Becoming ever more popular, hunger games servers are a fight to the death with a (usually) open map. People are usually scattered around the map, possibly given a minute or so of invincibility, and then the fight begins. Many servers have implemented kits that cost a small fee but add an advantage to your gameplay). Feed the Beast (A puzzle map where your goal is to complete tasks, receive rewards and ultimately feed the beast with the item you were required to make throughout the task you accomplished).

This is what Lee Martin, the founder of eMinecraftServers.com had to say about this new launch, “After checking out a number of directories, we realized that game players needed a more interactive way of finding their favorite Minecraft Servers. We then got into action to provide such and site is now ready. Players who are new to the game can access all the information they need to start their journey through 'The Basics' or Surviving your first night with fun and interactive Minecraft Servers to choose from.”

He went ahead to say that, “We also wanted to make it fun and exciting for gamers to vote for their favorite servers. They can now easily do this through a simple click. We also wanted players to get a variety of Sponsored Servers where our ads cost only $7 per month.”

Starting from a garage, eminecraftservers.com has turned into a household name and it’s now making it easy for people to access highly enjoyable, as well as challenging, Minecraft games. The site is also providing a cheaper way of posting sponsors advertisements. To learn more, feel free to use the following contacts.

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