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Shade 55 Premium Denim Label Brings “Made in America” Back to the Jeans Rack

Paul Hagopian is a young entrepreneur on the verge of fulfilling his dream- his premium denim line will launch next week on Nordstrom.com for its initial test run. The fashion industry vet is set to prove that goods made exclusively in America can still be competitively priced. Shade 55 employs dozens of workers nationwide, from cotton farmers to seamstresses.

Aug 18 2013, 11:00am CDT | by PR.com

Los Angeles, CA, August 18, 2013 --(PR.com)-- In the past decade, the death of American manufacturing has been a hot topic on talk radio, cable news and at dinner tables across the nation. However, instead of just talking, Los Angeles native, fashion-industry veteran Paul Hagopian has actually decided to do something about it.

In 2010, he founded Shade55 Denim, a designer jeans company that prides itself on creating its jeans the American way, “from farm to factory.” Shade55 is currently sold on the Sundance Catalog and in boutique stores like Fred Segal, but the company is gearing up for its nationwide launch this week on Nordstrom.com.

“Jeans are an American staple item, end of story,” stated Hagopian. “I wanted to make something with quality, not mass produced by machines. However, I am doing what very few attempt in the premium business, which is not only manufacturing the jeans in the USA, but also making sure that every yarn of fabric is grown and milled into denim in the USA.”

As the son of Lebanese immigrants, Hagopian’s rise to prominence plays like the classic story of the American dream. “My family came to the United States to escape war conflict in the region. Coming from a long line of tailors and clothiers, I was practically raised with a needle and thread in my hand, ready to go!”

Hagopian knows he is attempting something rare in today’s world of imported goods and outsourced labor—creating a chain of supply that never crosses American borders. Rather than sourcing cotton from more inexpensive foreign suppliers and assembling them in sweatshops overseas, Hagopian has tapped into an American tradition of pride, hard work and craftsmanship.

Shade55 embraces the landscape from coast to coast in all their products. From the lush cotton fields in New Mexico that grow the true shade of indigo (called “Shade 55”) to the original denim mills in North Carolina where it is processed, to the master sewers and wash technicians in Los Angeles, Shade55 is committed to keeping all production and operations in the USA, supporting our country and heritage.

Shade55’s line for men currently offers three distinctive cuts suitable for dressing up or down, and comfortable enough for daily wearing. The loose leg, micro-boot cut and tapered leg styles ensure that all denim lovers will find the right fit for their style and personality. That all three styles will be available via Nordstrom.com is the culmination of a lifelong dream for Hagopian.

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