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Campbell Global Network Re-Evaluates Its Emergency Preparedness Plan

Key officers and representatives from the Engineering & Maintenance Department, Facilities Management Department, Human Resources Department, and Corporate Safety Department convened in a week-long conference, August 19 to August 23, to evaluate the company’s Emergency Preparedness Plan applicable corporate wide and location-specific plans using the corporate template.

Aug 31 2013, 3:08am CDT | by PR.com

London, United Kingdom, August 31, 2013 --(PR.com)-- The agenda included Bomb Threats, Hazard Vulnerability Analysis, Preparedness Drills, Evacuation Plans, Logistics & Communication during Emergencies, Weather & Season Emergencies, and Internal Emergency Plan. Some of the improvements are the frequency and timing of preparedness drills, delegation of responsibilities during emergencies and disasters, enhanced safety procedures, and recovery action plans. Crisis management was also introduced and incorporated in Emergency Preparedness Plan.

“As we grow and expand geographically and in headcount, the more we have to beef up on our disaster preparedness and emergency management procedures and plans. Our goal is to lessen the damage and prevent further loss caused by events beyond our control. Though unpredictable in nature, it is still essential to give our company a fighting chance during such circumstances,” said George Conway, Chief Safety Officer of Campbell Global Network. “You know the saying an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure? So goes with preparedness and anticipation. We pray that the worse would not happen but we also have to prepare for the worse. The plans, changes, and improvements that have resulted from the meeting of minds are definitely for the good of everyone. Our focus now will be on executing these plans,” Mr. Conway added.

The aim is to protect and ensure the safety of our people, facilities, and business in order to provide continuity of service. They are able to better define the role that each and every one has to do in case of crisis, disaster, and emergency. Employee Safety Manual will be amended accordingly and Department Heads in coordination with HRD will schedule the series of preparedness drills and orientation.

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