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WeCutFoam Announcing the Addition of 3D Props for Halloween Haunted Houses to their Services

WeCutFoam, a prop creator company in the Bay Area, is focusing on specialty props for holidays among their many services they provide. The props can be used as Halloween haunted houses, Thanksgiving decorations, stage settings for theaters and school plays, photographer’s background, school graduations, classrooms sets, decorations for events and much more.

Sep 2 2013, 3:06am CDT | by PR.com

Sunnyvale, CA, September 02, 2013 --(PR.com)-- WeCutFoam is proud to announce that it is constantly working on improving its existing services and incorporating new ones. The company has recently created custom backdrop-like props made of foam and hand painted, that can be mainly used as Halloween decorations or converting garages into haunted houses. The props are fun, colorful, light weight and easy to store for repeated uses. This new service is added to the many services WeCutFoam is already providing for over 12 years, including the creation of props for movie sets, theaters, parades, weddings, corporate events, theme parks, miniature golf, museums and many more.

The 3D props are custom made. The customer provides WeCutFoam with a picture, a drawing or a sketch of what they have in mind. WeCutFoam engineers then convert it into an electronic drawing, also known as CAD file. This conversion is used by the CNC hot wire cutting machine to recognize the shape it needs to cut. The props are then cut into pieces or sections, and glued together to create the final product. Cutting the props in sections enables the creation of any size required, from inches up to tens of feet and more.

In the next phase the 3D prop is hand painted, using as much detail as in the original picture provided and according to the customer’s requirements. Any type of paint can be used, either a water-based or oil-based. The paint protects the prop against damages from weather, water, rain, humidity and sun and makes it more durable. WeCutFoam uses high density foam to create the props, with a wood backing glued on. There is no drilling or hammering involved, which makes the project clean, neat and precise. The end product is colorful, light weighted, easy to store, ship and assemble and can be transferred from place to place easily, and is intended for multiple uses.

These new custom 3D props that WeCutFoam is creating have almost endless applications. They can be decorations for Holidays such as Halloween and Thanksgiving, where the customer can convert the garage into a haunted house, combining it with special effects, smog machines and special lighting. It can be used as settings for theaters stages and school plays. Teachers can also use it as background in decorating their classroom or school. Photographers can use it as background for photo shoots. Companies can use those props as settings for their corporate events. These are to name only a few.

Still in the process, WeCutFoam is now working on creating Halloween mazes props, resembling large corn mazes. These mazes are intended to be placed in a garage, converting it into a colorful and fun place for children and for the adults.

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