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Ram Coolers Introduces New Models for Industrial Coolers and Jumbo Coolers to Cater Export and Domestic Demand

With the launch of Ind 1500 knockdown model of industrial cooler, Ram Coolers has made the shipment of large cooler for domestic and export market convenient and economical. Other than the knockdown model, company has also added Jumbo coolers to expand its portfolio of large coolers.

Sep 2 2013, 3:07am CDT | by PR.com

Nagpur, India, September 02, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Ram Coolers is a leading brand of Air Coolers in India and is trusted for offering high quality steel body Air Coolers. The combination of Galvanized steel body and quality electrical components coupled with unique engineering gives Ram Coolers superior cooling performance and longer trouble free life. Various models of air coolers for residential and industrial cooling covering the total cooling area ranging from 125 square feet (Sft) to 2000 Sft are available and all these coolers are tested for their efficiency at temperature above 45 degree Celsius for the given cooling area specifications.

To cater the export demand of Industrial coolers, Ram Coolers has specially designed a completely knockdown heavy galvanized steel body cooler model, Ind 1500, to ensure easy and economical shipment of coolers. Ind 1500 can run on continuous 24 Hour basis and is highly effective cooler for cooling approximately 1500 Sqft.

"Generally the large dimension of air coolers and associated high transportation cost plays a constraint in the export and domestic demand for our coolers. The complete knockdown model however has a compact packing dimension and thus saves significantly on the transportation cost," said Mr. Rakesh Awachat, Director Ram Coolers. Highlighting the benefits of Ind 1500 Mr. Awachat added, "We have given breathe easy cooling pads and heavy galvanized steel body with powder coating in Ind 1500 to ensure efficient cooling, longer life and elegant finish for our industrial cooler."

For cooling of large spaces, Ram Coolers offers various models of Industrial air coolers covering 1000 to 2000 Sft area. The company has recently introduced two models of Jumbo coolers; Cyclone 1500 covering 1500 Sqft and Cyclone 1900 covering 1900 Sqft respectively. As per Mr. Awachat, "Both these Jumbo cooler models are highly efficient coolers with very attractive looks, and are also given luxury features like remote control operation, smooth finish along with honeycomb pads. These coolers will find multipurpose applications in residences, industries, petrol bunks and for cooling large halls or open spaces. These coolers will actually open up big market opportunity for Ram Coolers in domestic and export market to cover the cooling requirement of large spaces, which was earlier dominated by Chinese brands."

These coolers will be available through widespread distribution and retail network of Ram Coolers in India and can also be purchased online at the official website of company, www.ramcoolers.com. Company has partnered with leading logistic service providers for door delivery of coolers across India and overseas.

Contact Information:
Ram Coolers
Rajeev Kumar
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Ram Coolers Building,
Ram Cooler Chowk,
New Shukarawari Road
Nagpur - 440002 (M.S)
Phone: 0712-2721072, 2720146

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