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Solar Innovations, Inc.’s Completes Florida Testing on Two Skylight Configurations

Solar Innovations, Inc., a custom manufacturer of residential and commercial skylights; folding, sliding, and stacking walls, doors, windows, and screens; sunrooms; greenhouses; garden windows; and conservatories; completes new testing on two skylight configurations.

Sep 2 2013, 9:00am CDT | by PR.com

Pine Grove, PA, September 02, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Solar Innovations, Inc. recently completed the testing of two skylight variations, the flat or “side glazed” skylight and the pyramidal skylight. Both configurations underwent air, water, structural, impact, and cycle tests. The test specimens were destined to adhere to state hurricane codes, such as Florida impact testing (specifically HVHZ). The tests were completed at Solar Innovations, Inc.’s in-house test lab and are considered “Pending” until final approval by the FBC.

Solar Innovations, Inc.’s pyramidal skylight configuration was tested and will receive Florida impact, cycling, air, water, and structural certification. This test specimen was built in a hip end configuration and two different framing systems were tested, both the 2" and a 2 ½" glazing bar.

Overall, the tested foot print measured 99.25" x 147.75" with trap sizes pending final test documents. The 2 ½" system was tested with a welded curb, while the 2" system was tested with pan flashing and welded curb. By testing both sill types Solar can offer their customers multiple options when attaching to their substrate.

Six pyramidal skylight configurations will be available to Solar Innovations, Inc. customers upon certification by the FBC: Straight eave double pitch, ridge mounted, pyramid, hip end, straight eave lean-to, and single slope (including vertical applications). The pyramidal skylight configurations were tested with 14 different glass combinations of monolithic and insulated options, consisting of annealed laminated, heat strengthened laminated, and tempered.

Solar Innovations, Inc. tested both welded curb and pan flashing configurations to increase the skylights ease of installation and allow for a variety of custom solutions for project specific needs. A welded curb puts less stress on curbs, requires less sealant during installation, and provides higher water performance. Welded curb skylights can also be pre-glazed, pre-assembled and/or be pre-assembled, not pre-glazed to be shipped in modules.

Pyramid Skylight Testing Results:
Air Infiltration at 1.6PSF = <0.9 L/s/m²
Water Penetration: 30 PSF
Design Pressure: +/- 65PSF
Uniform Load Structural Test: +/- 130PSF
Wind zone: Wind zone 4 – greater than 140mph.

Solar Innovations, Inc.’s flat skylight will be certified for Florida impact and non-impact, cycling, air, water, and structural upon approval of the board. By testing all three bays, both horizontal and vertical rafters qualified for certification. The flat skylight test specimen measured 72" x 72", the largest section measured 69" x 33.25", and the two smaller sections measured 33.06" x 33.252".

The test specimen consisted of one vertical division and one horizontal division, which are made up of three pieces of glass. By testing both the vertical and horizontal members, Solar Innovations, Inc. is able to provide customers with any configuration of skylight they request within the tested parameters; customers are not limited to certain shapes or sizes within these per bay parameters.

The flat skylight specimen included a welded curb and featured a 1" insulated glass unit, consisting of 1/4" tempered over 5/16" annealed laminated with a .090 interlayer and 7/16" air space.

A second unit was also tested with a 1" insulated unit and consisting of 1/4" tempered over 5/16" heat strengthened laminated glass with a 7/16" air space. Both units were tested with a stainless steel spacer.

Flat Skylight Testing Results:
Air Infiltration at 6.24PSF = <.05 L/s/m²
Water Penetration: 30 PSF
Design Pressure: +/- 80PSF
Uniform Load Structural Test: +/- 160PSF
Wind zone: Wind zone 4 – greater than 140mph.

If you would like more information on Solar Innovations, Inc.’s skylight system or are interested in receiving an updated brochure, please contact the marketing department at skylight@solarinnovations.com or call 800-618-0669.

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