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Marketing Veteran Howard Davidson of Arlington, MA Expands Crakerjack Marketing to Deliver Marketing Services in Boston, MA

Crackerjack Marketing Starts Up Again to Serve Startups and Small Businesses

Sep 9 2013, 8:10am CDT | by PR.com

Arlington, MA, September 09, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Arlington-based marketing consultant Howard Davidson announces the expansion of Crackerjack Marketing, a team of five offering web design and development, e-mail and social media marketing, content writing, event planning and marketing strategy consultation services to diverse Greater Boston startup companies and small businesses, as well as larger marketing agencies that need help in smaller areas.

“Crackerjack is poised to take a share of the market because larger agencies are focusing on large projects, strategy, SEO, user experience and big campaigns,” said Davidson, who founded his agency in May 2012. “They focus on what they do best and call upon Crackerjack as a trusted partner to handle important but smaller components of the overall marketing.”

Davidson is tapping into the rising market for small ad agencies, which MediaJobs.com considers to be “among the hottest trends in the digital media landscape.” As the demand for digital marketing and the globalization of companies and their markets continue to increase, more larger companies are enlisting smaller agencies for marketing, even diversifying their agencies for different kinds of promotions to different audiences, cultures, nations, etc. The companies thus keep their options for creative product and service presentation open, as opposed to sticking with a large agency “old guard” with firmly set strategies that don’t flex with the market diversity.

For instance, MediaJobs reports that a fledgling Chicago marketer is set to gain a client in Taco Bell. A Raleigh, N.C.-based small ad agency doubled its revenue between 2010 and 2011, after starting up in 2009 with no clients, and won AdAge’s 2013 “Small Agency of the Year” award. A Brooklyn-based startup has gained more than 50 clients in three years, including big names like Amazon.com, Need Supply and Urban Outfitters, due in part to their “stay lean and think digital” philosophy of keeping the firm small, bringing in rotating freelancers when needed, and working closely with their clients from the beginning to develop their desired brand messages. Davidson will continue to capitalize on this trend as he expands Crackerjack’s client base.

Prior to founding Crackerjack, Davidson was a marketing consultant, manager, director and chief strategy officer for a variety of Boston-area companies and marketers: graphic design firm Metropolis Creative, online jeweler Gemvara, digital engagement agency Piehead, blog writing service messageAMP (now Indivly Magic), and influence marketing agency influencers@. He holds a degree from Massachusetts College of Art.

For more information about Crackerjack Marketing, e-mail info(at)crackerjackmarketing(dot)com, or visit crackerjackmarketing.co. Also visit Howard Davidson’s blogs, crackerjackmarketing.co/blog/ and howardjdavidson.com/.

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