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Wellink wiSLA and OneAccess Ethernet Access Devices Work Perfectly Together

Sep 9 2013, 2:48pm CDT | by PR.com

Moscow, Russia, September 09, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Wellink, the leading Russian software developer specializing on SLA management solutions for Telecom and Cloud Service Providers and OneAccess, the mainstream European vendor of professional multiservice equipment and network access devices announce that product the line of Ethernet Access Devices (EAD) is supported by wiSLA (well integrated SLA) system (release 3.3).

wiSLA collects customer service quality statistics from the 1645 series demarcation equipment to monitor end-to-end service quality and generate detailed SLA reports.

Monitoring quality and availability of every dataflow as part of the carrier Ethernet service gives a clear view on the status and the performance of the Ethernet service. The 1645 supports both point-to-point OAM monitoring (IEEE 802.3ah) and end-to-end performance monitoring (IEEE 802.1ag & ITU-T Y.1731) on all Ethernet interfaces.

The 1645 keeps statistics of the last 15 minutes, 2 hours, 24 hours and 7 days. Selected statistics store over a longer period on the device and later retrieval and processing on the Wellink wiSLA.

The basic advantage of wiSLA solution with 1645 is a reduction of expenses on implementing SLA monitoring. Because 1645 provides all necessary functionality and additional specialized measurement devices (probes) installation is not required. Today wiSLA can use these devices for Ethernet based services performance monitoring and analysis, fault management, alarming and SLA reporting. wiSLA customer self-care portal provides access to service quality online-statistics and SLA reports.

"The main Wellink aim was a CAPEX reduction for telecom providers and their customers with all wiSLA functionality," said Wellink CEO Vladimir Levin. OneAccess devices allow all clients to resolve their tasks with success and Wellink is looking forward to continue expanding the number of devices supported by wiSLA to make its solution more agile and well fitting.

Russia & CIS Country Manager Dmitry Kvardakov said: “Successful integration with one of the leading Russian developers of service assurance and conflict management solutions Wellink is very important part in OneAccess business development strategy in Russian market. OneAccess has proved again that our flexible managed SW-based access network solutions can be easily interoperable with different network platforms to provide complete picture on service quality and to reduce CAPEX & OPEX of service providers dramatically. Our intrusive and non-intrusive SW-based L2&L3 probes together with advanced L2 and rich L3 functionality built in one managed box make service providers enjoy easy installation and high quality maintenance as well as get fantastic cost-effective solution for multiple new services launch on the same devices in the future. As all our models from TDRE (Telindus) range have the same TDRE OS, we can state that successful integration with one model from this range means successful integration with other models from this product range. We are looking forward to continue our cooperation with Wellink on integration with our OneOS product range and other prospective projects in Russia.”

About OneAccess:
OneAccess is a leading manufacturer of multi-service access routers and carrier Ethernet access devices enabling major telecoms service providers to deliver business-grade managed services profitably. OneAccess supplies routers to over 140 service providers including 4 of the top 5 the largest telecoms operators in Europe.

OneAccess Networks, Russia & CIS
Address: 55/1 Mitinskaya str, 56
125310, Moscow, Russian Federation
Tel/Fax: +7 495 754 80 50
Email: dmitry.kvardakov@oneaccess-net.com
Website: www.oneaccess-net.com

About Wellink:
Wellink is the leading software and process application developer for telecom and cloud service providers. Wellink develops a range of integrated industrial products and platforms that allow customer to automate and manage service providing processes and also develop services with a value added.

One of the main products - wiSLA (well integrated SLA) a new generation of relationship management and service quality assurance platform. wiSLA platform became a distillation of all success experience on service quality management in Russian telecom.

Address: 21, Yablochkova street, building 3
127322, Moscow, Russia
Tel: +7 (495) 979-56-43
e-mail: info@wellink.ru
website: www.wellink.ru

Contact Information:
Vasilina Chuvaeva
+7 (495) 979-56-43
Contact via Email

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