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Next Generation Social Media Platform Sweeping the Globe - Naaraa.com

It's all in one architecture (Family/Friends, Social, Professional), private, separation, secure, user profit sharing and with over 5 million hits and thousands of users registered in the month of September alone, Naaraa.com is very quickly becoming a powerful force in Social Media.

Sep 30 2013, 5:01am CDT | by PR.com

Next Generation Social Media Platform Sweeping the Globe - Naaraa.com
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Atlanta, GA, September 30, 2013 --(PR.com)-- What does social media, Liberia and a guy named Fabfabio have in common? Naaraa.com. Why? Because Fabfabio Williams, a native of Liberia, is competing to make Naaraa.com the new complete social media site.

Fabfabio and his twin, Fabby, were born in Liberia to a political family. After attending boarding school, he relocated to the United States. Fabfabio struggled as he adjusted from an aristocratic upbringing to Southern living in Atlanta, but networked his way into some great positions. Like many successful people, he lived the “work hard, play hard” lifestyle. However, he grew frustrated with trying to hide his social life from his employers, which led him to question the status quo. Why can’t I be intelligent, professional, and fun at the same time? Why do I have to sacrifice my exciting social life in order to gain respect by my peers? How can I use everything the online world has to offer while still protecting myself? One year later, Naaraa.com was born.

What sets Naaraa.com apart is its comprehensive and secure design that allows users to not only compartmentalize their digital life, but also share in Naaraa.com’s success. Imagine being able to connect and interact with friends and family one minute, and with colleagues and professionals the next. Now imagine making money while doing it. With Naaraa.com’s profit sharing structure, users can make money by participating in certain aspects of the platform. Naaraa.com’s amazing features are endless.

The Marketplace allows people and companies to actually conduct business transactions. Think Friends & Family, Social Activity, Professional Life, and Marketplace combined, and on a greater international scale. You can do it all: buy, trade, and sell; chat with friends; post photos; browse events and nightlife; job search and upload your resume; and allow employers to recruit, interview, and assess candidates’ skill sets for available position(s) globally. Coming soon are sections for news, sports, and more.

Naaraa.com provides the only platform that allows you to live your private, social, and professional life all in one place, without the fear of intrusive information sharing and data hacking. How? Because Naaraa.com was built with the mission to protect its users. Just because we live in a digital age doesn’t mean we have to risk our online privacy.

You can feel free to be who you are on Naaraa.com.

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