World's First Multi-Lane Video-Based Queue Management Platform Offered by Countwise's Q-Count

Sunrise, FL, September 30, 2013 –(– One of the most essential aspects of growing your business involves knowing where problematic areas lie and how you can improve them to offer a better experience for your customers. A first step towards doing this involves understanding both the behaviour of your customers and their experience shopping with you. CountWise's Q-Count, the world's first multi-lane video-based queue management platform, provides the data you need to help reduce customer wait times and eliminate bottlenecks in your system for a better customer experience.

Q-Count is a seamless and affordable system that's designed to bring your customers the most satisfying service possible. It provides a real-time look at the number of customers or carts waiting in each checkout line and tracks customer waiting times to eliminate guesswork and help you understand and identify any existing bottlenecks, allowing you to see exactly where customers would like to see improvement.

As an advanced, multifunctional queue management system, Q-Count offers a wide range of features and benefits for any business in which customer wait times are an issue. It tracks both wait and transaction times and uses predictive monitoring to proactively minimize or eliminate bottlenecks in checkout lines, directly addressing an issue that may lead to customer dissatisfaction and providing a solution based on its ability to understand customer behaviour. And because it's a real-time queue management system, Q-Count is able to provide both a live and historic look at the data it collects, leading to improved staff allocations to reduce waiting times.

Q-Count's patent-protected technology was developed leveraging military and industrial video imaging technologies, and contains recognition algorithms that allow it to calculate customer standing and waiting times, whether it's in one line or in queues across your entire store. It's able to tell people and shopping carts apart, and provides a time stamp for each customer's wait time that begins measuring from the moment the entire the line – ignoring passers-by and any customer services associates. These attributes make Q-Count one of the most technologically advanced queue management systems available to businesses looking to improve their customers' experience.

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