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Republicans blink over US shutdown?
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Republicans blink over US shutdown?

Oct 9 2013, 11:17pm CDT | by IANS

Washington, Oct 10 (IANS) Just a week away from a looming debt default deadline amid a federal shut down, Republicans are reported to have warmed to the idea of a short-term increase in the country's borrowing limit.

Washington, Oct 10 — Just a week away from a looming debt default deadline amid a federal shut down, Republicans are reported to have warmed to the idea of a short-term increase in the country's...

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1 year ago

Republicans blink over US shutdown?

Oct 9 2013, 11:17pm CDT | by IANS

Washington, Oct 10 (IANS) Just a week away from a looming debt default deadline amid a federal shut down, Republicans are reported to have warmed to the idea of a short-term increase in the country's borrowing limit.

Washington, Oct 10 — Just a week away from a looming debt default deadline amid a federal shut down, Republicans are reported to have warmed to the idea of a short-term increase in the country's borrowing limit.

Key Republican leaders, who had earlier linked passage of a spending bill and raising the US debt ceiling to dumping or delaying President Barack Obama's signature healthcare law, were also said to be ready to abandon the idea and instead are scrambling for a fallback strategy.

The development came Wednesday as conservative Republicans and leaders of the Republican controlled House prepared for their first meeting Thursday with Obama since the government shutdown began ten days ago.

Paul Ryan, 2012 Republican vice presidential candidate and chairman of the House Budget Committee, has outlined a plan to extend the nation's borrowing limit for four to six weeks, paired with a framework for broader deficit-reduction talks, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The greater the spending reduction the talks produced, the longer the next extension of the debt ceiling would be under Ryan's plan outlined Wednesday to fellow conservatives, it said.

Ryan's proposal for a short-term debt-limit increase drew broad support from conservatives at the Capitol Hill meeting, the Jounal reported citing lawmakers who attended.

According to Washington Post Republican Party leaders, now widely acknowledge that their effort to kill Obama care by forcing a government shutdown has been a failure and they are now looking for a way out of the impasse.

Instead, they are regrouping for a longer battle over the health-care law, the influential daily said. They also are trying to refocus the upcoming debt-ceiling showdown on fiscal issues, including entitlements and tax reform.

Obama had invited the entire House Republican caucus to the White House as part of a series of meetings with legislators, but Republicans are sending only 18 members representing the party leadership and committee chairmen to

Thursday's meeting.

"It is our hope that this will be a constructive meeting and that the president finally recognizes Americans expect their leaders to be able to sit down and resolve their differences," an aide of House speaker John Boehner said in a statement.

White House spokesman Jay Carney said Obama was disappointed that Boehner was limiting attendance at Thursday's meeting to less than 20 of the more than 200 House Republicans.

"The president thought it was important to talk directly with the members who forced this economic crisis on the country" about the potential harmful impacts from the shutdown and a possible default, Carney said in a statement, repeating that Obama "will not pay the Republicans ransom for doing their job."

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3 weeks ago

Here's What Happens If Republicans Take The Senate...

Nov 3 2014 4:28pm CST | Source: Business Insider

Republicans plan to adopt a combative but strategic approach toward governing in the increasingly likely event they take control of both chambers of US Congress, top GOP lawmakers and aides told Business Insider.  With an eye toward the 2016 presidential election, Republican leaders in the House and Senate will look to move forward GOP legislative priorities that are popular with the American public and could earn an ample number of Democratic votes to send to President Barack Obama ...
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Stakes high for Walker, experts say youth vote to be swayed by social circles

Nov 3 2014 10:30am CST | Source: The Badger Herald

The outcome of Tuesday’s election could have bigger implications than who will serve as Wisconsin’s governor for the next four years, with Gov. Scott Walker’s 2016 presidential bid hinging on the race’s outcome. Walker has spoken openly about running for president in the past, but recently has not said much about his plans for 2016, professor Mike Wagner from the School of Journalism said. “If Walker lose ...
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5 weeks ago

As N.C. early voting begins, visits from Ryan, Clinton mark campaign crunch time

Oct 23 2014 7:41am CDT | Source: Charlotte Business Journal

In case you haven't noticed, there's a big election looming in North Carolina. And political heavyweights from both major parties are paying visits to the state to stump for their respective candidates. U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan, the 2012 GOP candidate for vice president, was in the Charlotte area on Wednesday to campaign for Thom Tillis (R-Mecklenburg), the speaker of the N.C. House, who is running for the U.S ...
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5 weeks ago

Senate Control Could Rest On One Of The Reddest Of Red States — And The GOP Is Making A Huge Comeback

Oct 21 2014 7:06am CDT | Source: Business Insider

OVERLAND PARK, Kansas — Republican leaders have a new regular stop on their travel schedules these days. Iowa. New Hampshire. And ... Kansas? On this crisp October day, US Sen. Pat Roberts has brought in another member of the Republican Party's All-Star campaign team to stand by his side and rally his base. Sens. Ted Cruz and Tom Coburn, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, and Kansas' own former senator, Bob Dole, have all shown up for an appearance with a f ...
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5 weeks ago

KRUGMAN: Amazon Is Abusing Its Power And Hurting America

Oct 20 2014 5:09am CDT | Source: Business Insider

Paul Krugman comes out swinging in his latest column, slamming retail giant Amazon for exerting undue market power, and essentially being the Standard Oil of the online books business. He notes that Amazon is not playing the role of monopoly (being the sole seller and raising prices) but rather the role of monopsony (being the sole buyer and squeezing book sellers). He specifically keys off of Amazon's hardball tactics against the publisher Hachette. Here's the key pa ...
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6 weeks ago

PICKENS: I Think Mitt Romney Is Thinking About Running Again

Oct 14 2014 8:15am CDT | Source: Business Insider

Last Friday morning, billionaire energy tycoon T. Boone Pickens was in a meeting with another politically active hedge fund manager in New York City. The meeting between the two included a broad discussion on the Republican presidential field for 2016. Pickens told Business Insider later that morning that his colleague suggested there was "no prospect" 2012 Republican nominee Mitt Romney would run ag ...
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7 weeks ago

3 Big Economic Ideas in Waiting

Oct 9 2014 11:00am CDT | Source: Harvard Business Review

In what has now become an iconic statement about American politics, and maybe politics everywhere, former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel (now Chicago Mayor) declared that “a crisis is a terrible thing to waste.” He was making the point that it is always hard to summon the will to enact big, new policy ideas, even when they appear perfectly logical. Until some dramatic development galvanizes people to act, they sit on the shelf. An ...
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7 weeks ago

Capitol Report: Paul Ryan says he doesn’t care if he gets audited for bashing the IRS

Oct 7 2014 11:12am CDT | Source: MarketWatch

Paul Ryan bashes the IRS in his new ad, which also partly sounds like an audition for the chairmanship of the House Ways & Means Committ ...
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7 weeks ago

Enzerink GS: Amazon’s banned books

Oct 6 2014 12:56am CDT | Source: The Brown Daily Herald

Every last week of September, the American Library Association organizes Banned Books Week. This celebration of the freedom to read calls attention to the restrictions that schools, municipalities and even state governments have placed on certain books over the years. Actual banning has become unusual, but that does not stop people from challenging the distribution of certain books. From “The Grapes ...
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8 weeks ago

Wonkblog: A battle’s brewing within the GOP over whether to pursue tax reform

Oct 1 2014 1:56pm CDT | Source: The Washington Post

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) (AP Photo/Steve Helber) Facing the prospect of a fully Republican Congress for the first time in eight years, GOP strategists are divided over how to advance a central tenet of their political agenda: a simpler U.S. tax code with sharply lower rates. Read full artic ...
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