Rob Flitton Short-Sells a Retiree's Las Vegas Home Through Green Tree

Las Vegas, NV, October 13, 2013 –(– The seller, a frail 82 year old woman who was dramatically concerned about “doing the right thing” and not allowing her home to go into foreclosure, was incredibly stalwart for the Las Vegas short sale process that began with Bank of America and ended with Green Tree Lending. The short sale finally closed after 18 months despite the lenders demanding fresh documents from the seller more than ten times and substantially countering the sales price.

“My seller grew up in a time when people honored their obligations,” said her REALTOR Rob Flitton of Urban Nest Realty, “and she told me that walking away from her Las Vegas home was one of the hardest things she ever had to do. Sadly, the lenders showed absolute indifference to her plight and caused her a significant degree of undue stress for what seems like no reason at all. After getting this done, though, I could easily write a book called ‘How to do a Green Tree short sale for Your Las Vegas Home’.”

According to the IRS, and its Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act of 2007, the tax benefits of doing a short sale will change significantly after December 31 2013, and so this particular distressed Las Vegas homeowner was quite fortunate to get it wrapped up and closed. Whether or not the act will be extended is unknown, and so many Las Vegas homeowners who remain underwater still aren’t sure what to do.

“My REALTOR, Rob Flitton achieved a miracle,” said the tearful seller.

Rob Flitton, a top REALTOR in Las Vegas goes by the slogan “On Your Side” and specializes in assisting Las Vegas home sellers.

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