360° Coverage : Multilizer 9.2 Brings Support for Embarcadero RAD Studio XE5

Multilizer 9.2 Brings Support for Embarcadero RAD Studio XE5

Multilizer announces 9.2 version of its leading localization software. The new Multilizer provides support for Embarcadero RAD Studio XE5 and new improvements into its rich feature set.

Oct 16 2013, 3:19am CDT | by PR.com

Helsinki, Finland, October 16, 2013 --(PR.com)-- Multilizer has released a new upgrade version of Multilizer localization and translation tool. Multilizer 9.2 is integrated with RAD Studio XE5 and provides the best localization solution in cross-platform development environment for PCs, tablets and smartphones. RAD Studio XE5 is an excellent solution for development of true native, CPU executable code on leading platforms – Android, iOS, Windows and OS X. With the help of Multilizer the localization work can be performed and verified without sacrificing app quality, connectivity or performance.

Embarcadero’s 2 million developers community can now benefit from cross-platform development environment and build true native and localized applications for the most popular desktop and mobile platforms,” says Juha Siivola, Multilizer Head of Products. “The world is changing for developers and we are happy to contribute Multilizer features to support business needs of providing applications to a wider set of target devices and operating systems.”

Multilizer 9.2 is now available for demo use and purchasing. See the information from www.multilizer.com.

About Multilizer

Multilizer is all about making localization activities easier for in the global market. Multilizer tools are built to benefit all parties involved in the localization and translation projects.

Since 1995, Multilizer has been used in localization projects in more than 5000 enterprises and 150 countries. Multilizer software solutions have a long history of innovation and providing leading edge technology, more than 120 million words are translated monthly with Multilizer tools. Multilizer can be used to localize most document or software formats.

To learn more about software localization and Multilizer, please visit: http://www.multilizer.com

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