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PenguinCRM Has Integrated USSD with CRM for a South Africa Based Municipal Corporation

PenguinCRM, an India based leading CRM implementation company has recently integrated CRM with USSD to develop an effective Grievance Management System for a South African Municipal Corporation. They have claimed that this integration enables residents to raise the local issues and complaints via simple mobile phones instead of expensive PDAs or smart phones.

Oct 18 2013, 4:30pm CDT | by PR.com

Chicago, IL, October 18, 2013 --(PR.com)-- USSD is not as popular as SMS and smart phone apps. However, it is vastly used in banking services nowadays. You must have seen banks sending details of your transactions after dialing a defined number like *XXX123# or similar. Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) is a capability of all GSM phones and all networks Response times for interactive USSD-based services which are usually quicker than those used for SMS. Kept alone it has a not much talked about reputation but when clubbed with enterprise software like CRM and ERPs, it can do wonders.

Through an innovative attempt, PenguinCRM has claimed to execute a unique USSD integration with the CRM for a South Africa based Municipal Corporation. According to the project delivery team, "It came out as a perfect Grievance management solution with rooted mobility. It allows every individual, even with a very basic mobile phone, to interact with the centralized database and register their complaints and feedback." The most popular methodology to keep the mobility intact with huge enterprise solutions is PDA or smart phone based applications. Developing countries can not only count on these expensive gadgets and substitutes are the vested interest for all.

As per the experienced industry solution experts from PenguinCRM the power of USSD should be unleashed to implement such integration for other business processes also like Sales management, Customer support, CRM based interactive campaigns etc. It can be wisely used to manage a perfectly mobile sales team at the lower cost as a simple mobile phone can interact with the centrally managed sales database of CRM. Number of industries including Pharma, Real estate, ISPs, Insurance, etc. can be benefited by it which needs to have huge sales reps or field officers.

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