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New Colours, New Improvements — MetalRoofingOnline.com.au Now Offers Next Generation BlueScope Steel’s Colorbond Roofing

MetalRoofingOnline.com.au unveils on its website the most exciting new line of Colorbond® roofing, which includes new, contemporary, distinctly Australian colours such as Cove, Terrain, and Wallaby, and outstanding improvements that reduce the product’s environmental impact.

Oct 28 2013, 3:06am CDT | by PR.com

Mornington, Australia, October 28, 2013 --(PR.com)-- “All products supplied by MetalRoofingOnline.com.au comply with all relevant Australian Standards for your peace of mind,” remarks the Victorian-based online roofing supplier. With BlueScope Steel’s recent launching of its next generation Colorbond® products, now builders and homeowners not only have product quality assurance but also extensive choices for colourful and feature-rich roofing.

MetalRoofingOnline.com.au, which only uses BlueScope Steel, says that it now carries the six latest contemporary colours from Colorbond roofing. The new colours are Basalt, Cove, Gully, Mangrove, Terrain, and Wallaby — all naturally familiar and iconic to the Australian landscape.

BlueScope Steel has actually been developing the next set of colour palettes since 2009, with the brand’s product developer remarking that the recent colours have received more inputs than previous lines. The driving goal for coming up with next generation colours for Colorbond steel was a matter of maintaining the brand’s colour leadership positioning in the market. The industry’s builders, design experts, architects, and other relevant sources were consulted, with samples taken from and inspired by Australia’s varying landscapes, resulting in recommendations for new colours.

Of course, introducing stunning and earthy new tones to the Colorbond steel line wasn’t the only objective. Painstaking efforts were also put into making sure that the paint technology allowed the steel underneath the paint, also referred to as the substrate, to be more durable than its predecessors. There are two new magnesium compounds used in the coating, both of which produce a more resilient layer, slowing pathways of corrosion down to the substrate.

To determine improvements, comparison tests were done between the existing colour palettes against the next generation hues. According to BlueScope Steel, the latest line of Colorbond steel, which is considered to be already best in its class, will be able to hold up even longer than the existing line.

Apart from enhanced durability, Colorbond steel is also more sustainable now. Through innovation process, the amount of metals required to create durability has been significantly reduced. This translates to a reduction of environmental impact.

With MetalRoofingOnline.com.au’s deep commitment to providing only the best products for the Australian market, it’s no wonder then that the online supplier only uses BlueScope Steel.

The online supplier adds, “Our philosophy is all about great products and great service for our clients. Our team extends its passion to selling premium quality metal roofing products to enhance your home or commercial property. Our mission is to give you a great range of quality products at competitive prices and to do that with passion and professionalism. Roofing is our life and we care about the people who choose our store.”

MetalRoofingOnline.com.au encourages contractors, builders, architects, and property owners to take a gander at BlueScope Steel’s next generation Colorbond steel through their website as the latest range is now ready for online orders. The roofing supplier not only offers wide-ranging metal roofing products, from corrugated iron to trim deck. It also provides Australia’s needs for polycarbonate roofing, roofing blanket, insulation, and guttering. MetalRoofingOnline.com.au also offers extensive accessories such as gutter guards, rafter clips, and ventilators.

To view the newest Colorbond steel colour palettes, visit MetalRoofingOnline.com.au today and discover the range of exquisite and outstanding products the roofing expert has in store.

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