Red Planet Rex™ Launches on Kickstarter Your New Mission: Survival. But You’re Not Alone…

Cape Canaveral, FL, November 04, 2013 –(– Crying Robots™, a ragtag team of design geeks and gaming nerds, is excited to announce the launch of Red Planet Rex™, a voice controlled adventure game, on Kickstarter.

The Story
You are a lone astronaut on a top-secret mission to Mars. You crash land on the desolate red planet. It’s a miracle you survived. Your mission was to survey and learn the truth about life on Mars. But now with your ship in ruins, your mission is survival.

Game Play
To progress in the game you must brave the unknown, explore whatever is beyond a mysterious door, and find a way off the planet. But you’re not alone…

Inspired by classic adventure games, Red Planet Rex will bring the old school text-based adventure to mobile gaming with patent pending voice response technology. Using voice or text control, you can explore 70+ areas of puzzles, riddles, & alien encounters. According to George Papazian, Principal at Naviscent and Crying Robots, “during lab testing, our participants have had so much fun they’ve asked to continue playing after the research was completed.”

The game’s narrator tells you about your condition and surroundings as you progress through the game. Your sidekick Rex combines the roles of the oracle, Greek chorus, and comedian by providing helpful information, colorful commentary and comic relief.

Players will ask questions and command the narrator and Rex in an immersive experience that takes full advantage of your imagination. Like reading a book, you envision every scene in your mind’s eye. Play hands-free and eyes-free. If you need to be quiet, play in text mode. Because of this innovation, Red Planet Rex can also be enjoyed by the sight and hearing impaired.

The storyline includes both fantasy and science. Research on Mars, space, biology and alien lore went into story development. “I was testing the prototype while walking my dog, looking at the red sunset, and was reminded that on Mars, sunsets are blue. It’s great when you can have so much fun while you’re learning something” said Sheryl Olguin Team Lead for Crying Robots.

The game will be supported on iOS and Android mobile and tablet devices.

Crying Robots has an active Kickstarter campaign to raise funds needed to complete and ship Red Planet Rex. Find out more at Kickstarter, or by visiting

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