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Indian Toners & Developers Ltd. – New Participant of Business-Inform Informational Project

Indian Toners & Developers Ltd. was established in 1990 by Mr. Sushil Jain. The company is one of the leading Indian producers of compatible toners for laser printers, mfps, analog and digital copiers, and large format printing devices.

Nov 14 2013, 8:24am CST | by PR.com

Moscow, Russia, November 14, 2013 --(PR.com)-- The company has a staff of more than 400 people; its production lines are equipped with the latest German and Swiss equipment, and are capable of producing up to 2400 metrical tons of toner annually (1200 tons – the facility at Rampur, 1200 tons – the facility at Sitargunj). The company supplies a wide spectrum of products in 35 countries worldwide. The spectrum includes high-quality color chemical toners as well.

The production by Indian Toners & Developers Ltd is certified for compliance with ISO 9001:2008 and 14001:2004 standards requirements. The company products are well-known on the world market; 70 distributor-companies, 500 dealers, and 800 remanufacturing companies are involved in its distribution. The company’s head-office is situated in New-Delhi, regional offices are situated in the largest India cities, Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Calcutta. The success of the company is based on company’s own R&D. It has R&D laboratories, equipped with the latest machinery, well-trained personnel, and reliable partners in America and Japan. High R&D potential of the company allows it to continuously expand and upgrade its product range in accordance with changing market requirements.

Indian Toners & Developers Ltd. pays special attention towards quality of the produced quality. Ecologically safe raw materials, 44 levels of production quality control, "stmc"-methods testing - all that guaranties a high quality of the produced toner.

By participating in the Business-Inform Informational Project, Indian Toners & Developers Ltd. seeks to find new reliable partners and significantly extend its presence on the Russian market of printing supplies.

Contact Information:
Sergei Zubkov
7 (495) 6374820
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