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Vibha’s Kalakaar Event Chooses CertLog for Its Award / Participant Certificates and Contest Registration

Nov 14 2013, 9:02am CST | by PR.com

Arlington, VA, November 14, 2013 --(PR.com)-- CertLog, a service by ValueDOT, LLC, hosts Vibha's online registration, certificate generation and reporting for international photography contest Kalakaar 2013 (http://kalakaar.vibha.org/). Vibha is a non-profit organization founded in 1991 and Vibha has a volunteer network of over 1000 volunteers spread across 15 Action Centers in cities across the US and India. Till date, it has supported more than 250 projects in India and the US.

Customer Testimonial:
CertLog, a service provided by ValueDOT, has been surprisingly helpful for Kalakaar-2013's registration process and issuance of participation and award certificates. Kalakaar is an international photography contest by Vibha and this was Vibha's second year of conducting the event. Vibha started out by partnering with ValueDOT to provide participants and winners with certificates generated using CertLog. ValueDOT was constantly in touch with the planning team to understand its needs, bring value to Vibha's sponsors and help Vibha to get familiar with the certificate design and generate process. During this period, the team jumped in to help Vibha with the registration process, and amazed the team by providing a complete end-to-end automated solution for its certificate needs including the contest registration for participants through CertLog. This reduced Vibha's IT efforts in half and it could focus more on rest of its IT tasks in hand. The entire Kalakaar event rests on having a reliable, fast and secure registration process. Vibha executive team believes that Kalakaar-2013 is successfully running today because of the intense IT support and flexibility offered by CertLog team.

Vibha wholeheartedly recommend using CertLog services. CertLog has brought to Vibha a well designed certificates that has visible sponsor logos. It brings value and credibility to both, Vibha's sponsors and to the event. CertLog has a great administration feature which makes monitoring registrations and issuing certificates a breeze! The reliability and responsiveness of the CertLog team has been commendable. The registration process and back-end collection of entries is entirely and easily managed by CertLog and it is flawlessly integrated with the Kalakaar webpage. Vibha is certain that it will use CertLog's services again in the future, for the numerous events Vibha conducts.

Thanks to ValueDOT for the introduction to CertLog!

A. Kumar
Event Director, Kalakaar 2013

Contact ValueDOT about CertLog at support@CertLog.com

Contact Information:
Vishal Khemka
Contact via Email

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