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How money and magic overlap in Asia (The Funny Side)

Dec 20 2013, 12:12am CST | by

ALWAYS AGREE QUICKLY with wacky, annoying people who accost you with irritating ideas. It usually makes them go away faster.

ALWAYS AGREE QUICKLY with wacky, annoying people who accost you with irritating ideas. It usually makes them go away faster. But not always. An accountant friend said to me the other day that she...

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31 weeks ago

How money and magic overlap in Asia (The Funny Side)

Dec 20 2013, 12:12am CST | by

ALWAYS AGREE QUICKLY with wacky, annoying people who accost you with irritating ideas. It usually makes them go away faster.

ALWAYS AGREE QUICKLY with wacky, annoying people who accost you with irritating ideas. It usually makes them go away faster.

But not always. An accountant friend said to me the other day that she had realized that her profession was actually a religion. "Of course!" I replied. "Stands to reason. Wow, look at the time. Shouldn't you be heading off to do something really important right now?"

Unfortunately nothing was more important than delivering me three items of proof for her assertion. Number one: yoga has become a dominant cultural practice in the world (there are now more aficionados of this Indian discipline in the US than Methodists and Presbyterians put together), and modern yoga was developed by an accountant. "Lahiri Mahasaya maintained that there was no separation between his day job as an accountant and his work as a yogi," she said.

Well, of course. Both are about sitting on your bottom for long periods, dealing with annoying people and trying not to fall asleep.

Her second piece of evidence was in her bag: a book on the philosophy of accountancy which said that accounting rules attempt to grow ethical corporations in the same way that religious codes attempt to grow ethical communities. "Accounting is coming to be understood as 'making' the very things it pretends to describe," author James Aho wrote. This was getting too deep for me.

Her third piece of evidence: historians recently translated ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics and discovered that the female deity Seshat is actually "the goddess of accountancy". Seshat wears a head piece with seven pointed studs and a leopard-skin dress. I seriously think this should be made compulsory uniform for all accountants, especially the guys.

After listening to this, I responded with the line which becomes second nature to all married men facing strong-minded women: "Yes, dear, I'm sure you're right."

But maybe she actually was. The following morning I was amazed to receive an email from a reader with a link to a news report about a "living god" in Nepal. Chanira Bajracharya, aged 15, had decided to retire from her role as the holy incarnation of a deity to rejoin normal humanity, it said. "I want to study accounting," she told reporters. The article added that she has been living a solitary life of study and contemplation and had no friends of her own age. Clearly, fate had prepared her for life as an accountant.

Money and magic overlap a lot in Asia. The guy who runs the Chinese funerary shop near my office, which sells paper replica products to burn ceremonially for your dead ancestors, has stocked up on paper iPads so that people can send Bitcoins to grandpa. I haven't been able to explain Bitcoins to myself, so have no hope of explaining it to grandpa's ghost.

Anyway, here's a beancounter joke. Q: "Did you hear about the accountant's prayer?" A: "Lord, help me be more relaxed about insignificant details, starting tomorrow at 10.53:16 a.m."

And here's a rather topical "accountants are boring" joke: Q: "What do undertakers do to liven up their Christmas office parties? A: Invite an accountant."

In the end, I told my accountant friend that I would accept that her profession was a religion if she would wear for me the same costume as Seshat wore in ancient Egypt: a seven-pointed crown and a leopard-skin dress. Fingers crossed.

(Nury Vittachi is an Asia-based frequent flier. Send ideas and comments via www.mrjam.org)


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2 days ago

Did NQ Mobile Officially Fire PwC?

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By Milkweed:In Professor Gillis recent article he mentioned that (NYSE:NQ) would have to file a 6K announcing that they fired PwC and that PwC would have to respond to NQ's disclosure about the termination. When I've seen changes in auditors in the past, a letter from the auditor leaving is attached to the 8K or 6K filing that announced the change. The change in auditor took place on 7/18/14 and since we have yet to s ...
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1 week ago

Philip Seymour Hoffman Left Entire $35 Million To His Partner Because Didn't Want 'Trust Fund Kids'

Jul 23 2014 11:08am CDT | Source: Business Insider

Philip Seymour Hoffman wanted his kids to work for what they earn. That's why the late actor left his $35 million estate to his longtime partner and mother of his children, Mimi O'Donnell, instead of leaving any of the fortune to his three young kids, all under age 10, E! News reports. In documents obtained by E! News, Hoffman had told his former accountant that he "did not want his children to be considered 'trust fund' kids. ...
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1 week ago

Zimbabwe: U.S $20 000 Swindler On the Run

Jul 20 2014 9:00am CDT | Source: AllAfrica.com

[The Herald]The Zimbabwe Republic Police's Criminal Investigations Department is appealing for information on the whereabouts of Marlven Tapiwa Kazizi (27) wanted on allegations of swindling his employer J and J Transport of US$20 000. The suspect was an accountant at J and J Transport in Harare. In a statement yesterday, national CID spokesperson Detective Inspector Mona Lisa Mangena said Kazizi w ...
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1 week ago

Business Journal 50: Client trust is the bedrock of relationships at WorldwideIT

Jul 17 2014 1:17pm CDT | Source: Business Journal of Jacksonville

No. 48, 22.01 percent revenue growth When it comes their company’s growth, both the CEO and chief information officer attribute WorldwideIT’s success to their clients. “I would like to thank all my customers for trusting us with critical information,” said Joshua Sizemore, CEO and owner of WorldwideIT. “It’s like trusting an accountant or attorney. They are trusted with valuable information and so are we. The most important thing is building the relationship with the customer.” Two… ...
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1 week ago

3 Reasons You Underestimate Risk

Jul 17 2014 8:00am CDT | Source: Harvard Business Review

In hindsight, many risks seem obvious.  And when we do take the time to evaluate potential risks, there is often not much that is profound about them.  Yet so many of us fall prey to unforeseen risks, believing that they came out of nowhere or that they could not have been anticipated.  While this may be true in some cases, most of the time risk blindness occurs due to the way our brains are wired. Here are three reasons why we’re blind to risk, and what we can do about it. The fi ...
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2 weeks ago

Annie's, Inc. - Why Did PwC Abandon This BNNY?

Jul 11 2014 12:48am CDT | Source: SeekingAlpha

I thought bunnies were supposed to be cute and cuddly little creatures? Well after looking at Annie’s, Inc.... maybe not. This company has recently “hit the trifecta:” a restatement of its financials (2014 10K, p. 54), a material weakness report on its controls over financial reporting (2014 10K, pp. 45 and 74), and an auditor resignation (2014 8K dated June 1)... all in the space of a week. And if this weren’t bad ...
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2 weeks ago

Govt presents progressive, growth-oriented Budget: ICAI

Jul 10 2014 10:02am CDT | Source: Business Standard

Describing the Budget proposals as progressive and growth oriented, the apex body of chartered accountants ICAI has said announcement on retrospective amendments would help in facilitating a healthy investment climate in the ...
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3 weeks ago

Bernie Madoff Accountant Names Son Andrew Madoff as 'Co-Conspirator' in Plea Deal

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Ex-accountant Paul Konigsberg's plea deal identifies Madoff's only surviving son Andrew as 'c ...
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3 weeks ago

BOOK REVIEW: Wiseman Nkuhlu: A Life of Purpose

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Luvuyo Wotshela tells the tale of a stalwart accountant who was never far from the struggle, writes Phakamisa ...
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