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Preston & Stadler Ltd Expands Business Field to High Frequency Trading Strategies

Preston & Stadler Ltd. announced today that it is going to expand its business by implementing high frequency trading strategies from 21st May onwards. The company which has witnessed moderate profit since last year has come up with this new strategy with a hope to expand their business further worldwide.

Dec 23 2013, 3:22pm CST | by

Mont Fleuri, Seychelles, December 23, 2013 --(PR.com)-- “As our company has been showing healthy growth since last year, I think now the time has come for us expand our branches further via use of computer algorithms to trade stocky swiftly,” COO of Preston & Stadler Ltd., Goodman said. “I think it’s the most favorable time for us to run some risks or play some odds. Since this is the age where computers have practically replaced human specialists, high frequency trading has evolved more than the market trading. Hence, it has also become a matter of our interest to utilize this form of trading to expand our business even more.”.

“The company is implementing High Frequency trading strategies in order to reach to the crowds and masses more quickly than possible from people trading. In this age, when exchanges have started providing incentives to companies for adding liquidity in the market, the company is confident of strategies of computer to help it transact a large number of orders in a fraction of seconds. The company is positive of gaining more reach of people all around the world, and is convinced that the computerized trading platform will always ensure the profitability of it.”

For more information on Preston & Stadler Ltd., please call 1-773-312-4144 or visit us at www.npsfinancialservices.com

About Preston & Stadler Ltd.
Preston & Stadler Ltd. is a leading business consultancy based in Chicago helping companies in the areas of business development, project management, marketing & branding, with special focus in financial consultancy and international business. Additional information may be found at www.npsfinancialservices.com

For media inquiries, please contact Heather Andrews, the PR consultant for Preston & Stadler Ltd.
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Preston & Stadler is an independent, owner-managed trust and consulting company, with more than 25 years of experience in the fiduciary administration of securities and real estate projects.

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