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Morgantown, WV, December 25, 2013 –(– “Mouse in the House” is about boy named Ralph and his pet snake, Sniper, who are left home alone, which is when an army of determined, silly mice decide to attempt a takeover. As Ralph, the player will utilize different traps and items to defend their home from the relentless assault.

The overall goal is to line these mice up and launch them from the screen. To accomplish this, the player will make use of a resource (cheese) to activate these traps and items to launch the mice from the field as they try to make their way from one side of the screen to the other. In order to add strategy to the game there are different types of mice with different abilities. In addition, these mice must be stalled with certain traps to line them up, either horizontally or vertically, to replenish the available resources.

When launching a mouse from the screen the player is rewarded with additional resources and an increase to their score and score multiplier. To create a sense of urgency and keep the pace of the game moving quickly, the score multiplier, which can reach as high as 99, will completely reset if no mice are trapped within a set amount of time.

Aside from the standard traps, the player will have access to the in-game store where they can purchase new traps and upgrades. In-game currency can either be acquired by playing levels or through in-app purchasing. The game will also include features, such as Facebook and Game Center leaderboards.

Wanting to bring the best possible experience to the iOS, Judgment exceeded their budget plan for the project and has turned to Kickstarter, a crowd-funding site, to help raise the additional funds to bring a well-polished game to the iOS.

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With the successful launch of “Mouse in the House,” Judgment Entertainment plans to continuously work on the game until it is a polished gem while eventually moving onto other projects while also establishing their headquarters, bringing new jobs to the community.

Company Info:
Brothers Gordon and J.D. Snurr founded Judgment Entertainment in early 2013 with the sole purpose of creating video games. Their first project, “Mouse in the House,” has been in development for almost a year now and the team is working hard to see it come to fruition early 2014.

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Judgment Entertainment
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