Florida State Wins BCS Championship: The Perfect Ending To An Imperfect System

This title was from ESPN’s Brent Musburger. By perfect he must have meant a perfect drama. Drama is when the unexpected becomes reality and just when you believe that reality the tables are turned again to the original and now alternate reality.

A team that averaged a 42-point margin of victory seemed too good to be true. They were.  FSU was a double-digit favorite to beat Auburn for good reason. They were the most prolific offense in college football. They had a Heisman quarterback that averaged almost 300 passing yards a game. Most teams don’t average that in total offense.  They were playing Auburn, a team that was 92nd in yards allowed per play. Auburn was also 104th in pass defense. So all Florida State had to do is input the statistics and the game would be over by halftime.

Then something remarkable happened. The double-digit underdogs went out and played the game with the stuff that makes heroes of ordinary people. They showed us something about the human spirit that can’t be statistically quantified.

In fact, the double digit underdog turned the tables by halftime. The team leading at halftime was undefeated in the history of the BCS. Auburn was up 21-10 at the half.

With less than 4 minutes in the game, Florida State needed a 100 yard kick-six (kickoff return for a touchdown). As Musburger said Auburn was “stunned by its own medicine”. It probably would not have happened but for Florida State having the kickoff run back by the fastest freshman in college football.

And Auburn still would have won but for a Heisman Trophy winner acting like it. With 1:11 left in the game, Jameis Winston told his team “This is ours to take.”  Winston made faster decisions than he made all game, completed 6 of 7 passes for 77 yards, culminating in a 2-yard touchdown pass to a 6’6” All-American receiver Benjamin against a 5’11” defensive back, Chris Davis. Davis was the kick-six return man that broke Alabama’s heart.

But the tables had turned again. And it was only this – the 16th and final BCS game – where the team that trailed at haltime came back to win the game. The tables had turned this final time in the most dramatic way. Coming back from 21-3 was the biggest comeback in BCS history. Florida State won the game but the enduring winner is college football.

Source: Forbes Business

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