Amidst Drop In Prices For Super Bowl Tickets, Club Seats Are Only Area Holding Value

After a momentary bump on this Tuesday, Super Bowl ticket prices have continued their  decline from last week. Today, the average list price for Super Bowl tickets is now $2,465, a decline of 34% since the morning of Conference Championship Sunday.  While the rate of decline is now much slower, it is still declining by $50-$100 each day.  The ticket decline has not discriminated to any areas of MetLife Stadium, with one exception:  Club Seats.  The Chase and Lexus Clubs are located along the mezzanine sidelines on the east and west sides of the stadium. Both clubs offer the same amenities and services, including indoor food and beverage service.  While weather concerns have been a major culprit for the dropping prices,  Club prices have been immune to the elements, just like the lucky people that that will be sitting there. Since last Monday, Club Corner and Club Center seats have only declined by 6.61% and 9.34% respectively, to their current averages of $3,364 and $5,163.

The following chart lays out available ticket quantities for each section or zone of the MetLife Seating Chart, and the average price declines over the past 10 days:

To put this all into perspective, on the morning of Conference Championship Sunday, there was not a single ticket on the secondary market available for under $2,233. As of today, there are 4,798 tickets available under $2,233 and the get-in price for SuperBowl tickets to XLVIII is down to $1,454. There are also substantial deals to be had in the Mezzanine and Lower sections on Metlife Seating chart as well, with seats available in each for well under $2,000. One metric we look at in order to determine the best deals on the market is relative value percentage, which is the percent difference between the list price of a specific seat and the average price for a seat in that section. By that measure, the below are the best deals on the market for Lower, Mezzanine, and Upper sections:

  • Upper Best Value – Section 325, Row 10 – $1,454 (28% below market price)
  • Mezz Best Value –  Section 249B, Row 2 – $1,566 (30% below market price)
  • Lower Best Value – Section 121, Row 28 – $1,805 (35% below market price)

While Club seats have held value the best, their high-class cousin, the Suite market, has not been so lucky. As of last week, the most expensive suites on the market topped $1 million dollars, and there were none less expensive than $500k. Currently, the most expensive suite is listed at $624k and the cheapest is available for $180k. All suites can accommodate up to 30 guests, which works out to $6,000 per guest for the least expensive suite, which is just a little more expensive than buying a Club seat in the mezzanine level.  It seems when it comes to the Super Bowl, volume discounts don’t apply.

Here’s a list of all the events that you can tee up with the money you’re saving on Super Bowl tickets.

Source: Forbes Business

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