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TV and Retail Network Announces a Move to Miami. Multi-Millionaire, Business Investor, and Media Mogul Stephen Jordan Rothschild Gives an Exclusive.

TV and Retail Network Announces a Move to Miami. Multi-Millionaire, Business Investor, and Media Mogul Stephen Jordan Rothschild Gives an Exclusive.

Feb 17 2014, 1:11pm CST | by

DMCG is excited to announce that the media and TV mogul is moving to Miami. Eliott Rodriguez interviews this successful, but private young business star at Miami’s Fontainebleau Hotel. Stephen Jordan Rothschild, Internet millionaire, Investor, and TV station owner, is moving 80% of his business to Miami, FL in February 2014. Will it work? Who is this young charismatic business man?

Miami, FL, February 17, 2014 --(PR.com)-- DMCG is excited to announce that there is a new player in town! A young 28 year old entrepreneur Stephen Jordan Rothschild is moving his media and retail...

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32 weeks ago

TV and Retail Network Announces a Move to Miami. Multi-Millionaire, Business Investor, and Media Mogul Stephen Jordan Rothschild Gives an Exclusive.

Feb 17 2014, 1:11pm CST | by

DMCG is excited to announce that the media and TV mogul is moving to Miami. Eliott Rodriguez interviews this successful, but private young business star at Miami’s Fontainebleau Hotel. Stephen Jordan Rothschild, Internet millionaire, Investor, and TV station owner, is moving 80% of his business to Miami, FL in February 2014. Will it work? Who is this young charismatic business man?

Miami, FL, February 17, 2014 --(PR.com)-- DMCG is excited to announce that there is a new player in town! A young 28 year old entrepreneur Stephen Jordan Rothschild is moving his media and retail empire to Miami, FL. Stephen Jordan Rothschild has been in the business for almost 12 years, and has managed to turn a small retail operation into a business valued at over 100 million dollars. He built this empire on his own, with no loans, and with no inherited money. Stephen Jordan Rothschild is the CEO and major share holder of several Delaware corporations. Including ecommerce businesses, television networks, advertising agencies, film production companies, music recording studios, and online social networking / dating sites. This move is huge for the retail and media business community. This will also create hundreds of jobs in south Florida. Stephen Jordan Rothschild has managed to stay under the press radar for almost his whole career. He is known in the business world, but he does like to be in the public media. In early February Stephen granted business insider an exclusive interview at the Fontainebleau Miami. Below is an excerpt from the interview conducted with Stephen Jordan Rothschild.

Q: You are young, successful and single. Most people in Miami love to show off their wealth and status. You help companies grow their brand awareness online, you’re considered an expert. But yet you don’t like to put your info on the web. Why are you so private? Why is it so hard to find you on the internet?

A: That’s a good question Eliott. I had the blessing of being mentored by high profile media executives at a later point in life. At the beginning I learned everything on my own. One thing I learned is that in business, not everyone is your friend. There are many competitors that want to take you out. I’ve seen scandals crumble an empire overnight. I prefer to keep some kind of mystery to my personal life reserved for special people. Not everyone needs to know what I’m doing every second of the day.

Q: Stephen, you have built several businesses from the ground up on your own. You’ve experienced great success in your home town of Chicago, IL. Why move 80% of your employees, offices and operations to Miami?

A: Chicago is in below zero weather this time of year. I’m here enjoying the South Florida weather from the beach and running my business, laptop in one hand, a drink in the other! (Laughing) Is there any better reason to make such an impulsive decision? Plus I like Florida’s taxes and incentives on new business. Miami has an interesting international business scene. I think we’re going to do well here.

Q: You recently bought major stock shares in a Home Shopping TV company. What made you buy this business? Do you think you’ll compete with HSN or QVC?

A: The Home Shopping TV and electronic retail business is an over 300 billion dollar yearly industry. Bringing in more than the film and music industry combined. Buying this company is a no brainer for me. As far as my competitors, anyone who knows me knows I love the thrill of competing in business. We have a unique and innovative business plan I think will make a category of its own.

Q: You’re known to work 20 hour days, sleep 4 hours, and then do it all over again. Why do you work so hard?

A: I’m not a spoiled trust fund baby. I’m not taking over a multi-billion dollar empire like some kids. I had to build my wealth from nothing. Having all odds and obstacles against me. I started my first company at the age of 16. I couldn’t incorporate it until I was 18. I started working in the music promotions industry, made good money. Then invested in my second company, doing online retail sales. I had to every job in the office the first few years. I guess the habit of working hard stuck with me. I plan on marrying a model one day and retiring when I’m 97! (Laughing). For now there is a lot of work to do.

Q: After so many years of not wanting to personally do press on yourself. Why did you decide to give us this interview today, and share a little about yourself now?

A: I figured it was time to start to publicly put my name out there. We’re solid enough that my name or age won’t get in the way of business success.

Q: How old are you?

A: 28, going on 29 in March.

Q: How many jobs will your move to Miami create?

A: We estimate between 180-200 jobs in the first 24 months. At least 400 jobs within 36 months.

Q: You are also working on projects with the show Shark Tank which features financiers analyzing and deciding whether to invest in new products presented by entrepreneurs. Your company is producing alternate versions for different TV markets. What's most important in deciding whether it not to put money into something? What are the important metrics you use to decide?

A: Sometimes you buy the horse, sometimes you invest in the jockey. It really comes down to the actual business and the upside. The ultimate scenario is a great entrepreneur with a business that is poised to explode. But every now and then I love to invest in a company that may not set the world on fire, but has the chance to establish itself, create jobs and have a positive impact.

Shark Tank is so unique in that we send the message every week that the American Dream is alive and well. We have entrepreneurs from all over the country, from every demographic, each with a company that any of our viewers could have created themselves. We send the message that if our entrepreneurs can do it, so can you.

That is something I am proud to be part of. I can't tell you how many times people have told me the show has inspired them to start their own business or push themselves harder to make their business successful.

That is an amazing feeling for me and why I do the show.

Q: Have you already purchased a house in Miami?

A: Not yet. I’ve been focusing on business and our new studios. I’m living out of a suit case and staying in hotels for now. I’m used to it.

Q: Are you an Investor in Twitter? What do you think if its prospects?

A: No. It's a great company. I think they did the right thing by limiting the number of shares they offered to the market. That pushed up the price, which puts them in a great position to do a secondary and not only raise more capital at a higher price, but also allows insider shares to be placed in the market in an orderly fashion.

All that said, I have not been chasing stocks here. I have no idea how high they will go, Twitter included. I tend to try to be patient, wait on the sidelines, be hedged and when whatever happens that will crush stocks, whenever it happens, I will be in great position to buy.

Q: How does someone contact you for business opportunities?

A: You can Call my office 800-728-7212 or on my cell 786-514-8780

Thanks for your time Stephen, we hope to hear great news about your business endeavors in Florida.

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Destino Media And Commerce Group
Stephaney Jones
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Public Relations Department for Destino Media and Commerce Group.

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