Orgill and Emery-Waterhouse Dealer Oakland Hardware Switched from ECi Rocksolid to Microsoft RMS

Oakland, NJ, February 21, 2014 –(– For 6 years, Oakland Hardware had been using an ECi RockSolid POS® system that was lacking in functionality, speed and support. There had been minimal feature upgrades in the technology that were helpful to their business and getting support for the product was also becoming a serious problem as issues would take days to resolve. Additionally, the store needed important capabilities and flexibility their existing POS system simply couldn’t deliver at all such as the ability to work from mobile tablet devices and offering a customer loyalty program.

Fighting manual inventory processes was another big concern for Oakland Hardware. Their larger suppliers would issue product updates that couldn’t easily be imported into their existing system. And when the store purchased products directly from independent manufacturers, hundreds of new items had to be entered into the system one at a time or they would have to pay the software manufacturer to do a mass item loading. This cost valuable time which affected profitability and presented the risk of human errors and inaccurate inventory.

When RockSolid updated their system to include integrated credit card processing, Oakland Hardware learned this meant they could no longer use their preferred credit card processing company with the RockSolid system. They needed a solution that offered them the flexibility to continue using their preferred independent credit card processing company to save money.

Single and multi-hardware, lumber, rental, and farm stores can purchase Microsoft retail POS technology backed by an ecosystem of Microsoft trained retail professionals in every state. “With proprietary point of sale systems, retailers really have limited or no choices when it comes to available features or support options. These companies just don’t have the depth of retail knowledge, money, and resources of Microsoft and it’s ecosystem of retail partners,” says Dave Durrenberger of System Solutions LLC.

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