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Technische Creations' CEO Matthias Ebersold International Partnership with AF Services Launch Alignment Trading Platform for Australia and New Zealand

Matthias Ebersold and his Swiss-based technology application development firm Technische Creations launch a new Alignment Trading Platform into Australia and New Zealand via partnership with AF Services in South Australia.

Feb 24 2014, 4:14pm CST | by

Zurich, Switzerland, February 24, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Matthias Ebersold, born in 1958, is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Technische Creations.

The company was first established in 1989 with Matthias as the one and only member of the staff.

Mr Ebersold was born and raised in Stein am Rhein, approximately an hour from Zurich. His father, Karl was a high street banker and his mother, Alina was a lawyer for Baker and Mckenzie.

As a youth, Matthias was extremely interested in all things related to technology and was a distinct student throughout his schooling.

He studied Communications at the University Of Lucerne, where he received is Masters Degree. Shortly after graduating, Matthias took a managerial position working with a software development team for a subsidiary of UBS, one of the world's largest corporate finance multinational companies.

His considerable talent and flair for programming soon became obvious and he was promoted to General Manager within 18 months of his commencement.

He maintained the role until 1989 when he set out to establish his own firm in Technische Creations with an initial focus toward basic software applications utilized for order processing, accounts management, database building etc.

It was always his aim to develop more advanced applications with improvements in functionality and stability such that he could "leave his mark" on the world by developing something he could be proud of.

Ebersold eventually achieved that by developing Alignment Trading - an intelligence software backed application developed to perform trading analysis and execution.

Ebersold's keen interest in all aspects of financial market trading taught him specifically about the equities markets in which his father also specialized.

In the eyes of Ebersold, potential small losses were a serious threat to all that can becomeā€¦ Considerable large losses!

It was his destiny (and that of the large banks still using the technology) to develop something diminishing the chance of loss such that traders could continually grow their capital base via calculated investment outlays.

After spending thousands of hours, the Align Trading Platform was created. Using his contacts from previous engagements with UBS, negotiations were made for the banking giant to use the software suite.

After that, the development cycle gathered momentum building a platform to leverage similar technology to other major banking and investment floors.

More recently, Technische Creations released the application algorithm "Align Trading Platform" to the general public in Europe and late last year releasing into Australasia via an already established local firm called AF Services.

Mr Ebersold has achieved his goal of bringing a product that sets himself and his company apart from the rest and his next item on the agenda is the optimization and release of the trading platform in the US and finally Asia.

Ebersold is heading to Australia to meet with AF Services in early 2014 and also hopes to visit New Zealand. Afservices is well set to service a growing sector of the world market for alignment trading with state-of-art European technology.

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