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Nathalie Gosset Presented the "Future Technology Evolution - Robotics and Beyond" at the California Lutheran University on Mar 19

Nathalie Gosset , EE, MS, MBA, Sr. Director, Marketing and Technology Innovation Evaluation at the Alfred E. Mann Institute for Biomedical Engineering at the University of Southern California, gives an entertaining overview of the new developments in robotics and artificial intelligence.

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Thousand Oaks, CA, March 29, 2014 --(PR.com)-- The science auditorium at the California Lutheran University resonated with sounds of awe and surprise on Mar 19 when Nathalie Gosset, invited keynote speaker, showed several videos of shape shifting robots that assembled themselves into wheels rolling at fast speed or snakes climbing trees from a pile of cubes that appeared to be inert. The technology is not ready yet to morph into the BumbleBee robot from the movie Transformers. However, the capabilities of reconfigurable robots have become a reality.

Ms. Gosset showed robots as flat as sheets of paper folding themselves into origami shapes, a perfect spy device to slide under a door and transform into a sensing receptor inside a locked room. She illustrated how some of these smart systems can even assemble into flying objects with changing fleet formations.

To inspire the engineers attending the talk, the presentation covered some of the new advances in robotics and artificial intelligence and highlighted the challenges still unsolved awaiting new inventions from the technical community.

Laughter exploded into the auditorium when Ms. Gosset discussed the challenges of training robots and projected the footage of robots making cookies and flipping pancakes. The clumsiness of their movements and the less than appetizing results will eventually be fixed as progress in artificial intelligence accelerate robot learning. Androids have human like features and can be mistaken for real people at a distance. Their movements and range of conversation are still limited. The vision of the service robot industry is to have companion robots performing chores or assisting the elderly before the year 2050.

The talk finished with fascinating views of recent technologies that are controlled by the mind, i.e., devices that respond to signals emitted by the brain. For instance, a cortex implant that taps into a few hundreds of neurons, can tell a robotic arm to bring an object to a person. These neurosensing systems have great potential in the field of rehabilitation for paraplegic patients.

Nathalie Gosset's is a sought after keynote speaker on matters related to the Future and the evolution of technology. She is frequently invited by companies, universities, and state agencies to present her insights when they need to develop competitive edges to product rollouts, educational programs, or workforce development. Nathalie Gosset , EE , MS , MBA is the Sr. Director, Marketing and Technology Innovation Evaluation at the Alfred E. Mann Institute for Biomedical Engineering at the University of Southern California.

The event was organized by the Robotics Automation Systems and Industrial Applications Systems Chapter of the Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineering of the Buenaventura Section and hosted by the Computer Science Department of the California Lutheran University.

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