America's Highest-Paid Marketing Executives

10 Highest-Paid Marketing Executives in America

Chief Executive Officers may be the face of an organization, but it’s often Chief Marketing Officers who are responsible for the branding and identity by which consumers readily identify a company.

So how are c-suite-level creative forces being compensated? To get a sense of what top tier marketing executives earn, Forbes worked with executive compensation firm Equilar. The 15 names appearing on the list below have the highest salaries of executives with the word “marketing” in their job title at all publicly traded companies in the U.S.

Information used to create this ranking is from each company’s most recent disclosure; as such, the majority of data used here is from the fiscal year that ended in 2013, but some figures are from 2012. We excluded executives who have departed since the relevant filing. Total pay for each executive was calculated including base salary, discretionary and performance based bonuses, the grant value of stock and option awards, and other compensation such as benefits and prerequisites.

Topping the list this year is David B. Fischer, Vice President of Business and Marketing Partnerships at one of the country’s most recognizable brands, Facebook. An alum of Google and the U.S. Treasury Department, Fischer joined Facebook in 2010 and is credited with building the social networking giant’s robust advertising platform.  In 2013, Fischer earned a whopping $8,009,343.

Following Fischer is Target Corp.’s Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Jeffrey J. Jones. In 2013, Jones earned $6,799,271 in total calculated compensation. He joined the retailer in 2012 bringing experience from the agency world as well as companies like GAP and Coca-Cola.

The sole woman on this year’s list of the 15 highest-earning marketing executives is Patricia Perez-Ayala, Avon’s Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, and President of Global Brand and Category. In 2013 Perez-Ayala pulled in upwards of $3 million–$3,298,048, to be exact–to go with her three titles. According to Avon, the Ecuador-born, Venezuela-raised executive’s responsibility include oversight of marketing, consumer insights, and product strategy, as well as research and development.

Both Steven G. Chambers and Thomas W. Butch return to the list this year. Chambers serves as President of Worldwide Sales and Marketing at Massachusetts-based software maker Nuance Communications. In 2013 Chambers raked in $5,367,069, down more than $2 million from the $7,581,172 he earned in 2012.

As  Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer of Kansas-based financial planner Waddell & Reed Financial, Inc., Butch earned $4,160,091 in 2013, up ever so slightly from his compensation of $4,090,201 in 2012.

America’s Highest-Paid Marketing Executives

David B. Fischer

Company: Facebook
Job Title: Vice President, Business and Marketing Partnerships
Compensation (2013): $8,009,343

Jeffrey J. Jones
Company: Target Corp.
Job Title: Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer
Compensation (2013): $6,799,271

Mark Crumpacker
Company: Chipotle Mexican Grill Inc.
Job Title: Chief Development Officer and Chief Marketing Officer
Compensation (2013): $5,892,862

Steven G. Chambers
Company: Nuance Communications, Inc.
Job Title: President, Worldwide Sales and Marketing
Compensation (2013): $5,367,069

Timothy G. Taylor
Company: Phillips 66
Job Title: Executive Vice President, Commercial, Marketing, Transportation and Business Development
Compensation (2013): $4,820,516

Edward B. Ignaczak
Company: Express Scripts Holding Co.
Job Title: Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing
Compensation (2013): $4,285,683

Thomas W. Butch
Company: Waddell & Reed Financial Inc.
Job Title: Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer
Compensation (2013): $4,160,091

Clarence W. Gooden
Company: CSX Corp.
Job Title: Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing and Chief Commercial Officer
Compensation (2013): $4,084,960

Gregory B. Ahearn
Company: Leapfrog Enterprises Inc.
Job Title: Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer
Compensation (2012): $4,055,631

Gary L. Ginsberg
Company: Time Warner Inc.
Job Title: Executive Vice President, Corporate Marketing and Communications
Compensation (2012): $3,885,072

Darryl G. Smette
Company: Devon Energy Corp.
Job Title: Executive Vice President Marketing, Midstream and Supply Chain
Compensation (2012): $3,757,289

John Boris
Company: Shutterfly Inc.
Job Title: Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer
Compensation (2012): $3,635,019

George A. Kunberger
Company: Jacobs Engineering Group
Job Title: Executive Vice President, Global Sales and Marketing
Compensation (2013): $3,563,234

Clifford E. Marks
Company: National CineMedia, Inc.
Job Title: President, Sales and Marketing
Compensation (2013): $3,497,076

Patricia Perez-Ayala
Company: Avon Products Inc.
Job Title: Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer and President, Global Brand and Category
Compensation (2013): $3,298,048

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