Goff’s Expands Range of Strip Doors Reduce Heating and Cooling Costs and Allow Easy Access and Visibility

Pewaukee, WI, April 08, 2014 –(PR.com)– Strip doors by Goff’s are ideally suited in high traffic environments where conventional and slow moving sectional doors require additional space and can result in hindrance in process flow and operational efficiency. Goff’s range of strip doors not only provides ease of access and convenience, but also results in reduced energy costs and utility bills. Some of the main industries that can benefit from the installation of strip doors in high traffic areas include companies in the manufacturing, logistics, food processing, aviation, construction and pharmaceutical industries. Busy loading docks continue to be a primary application for these heavy duty strip doors.

Strip doors are made from long transparent strips of extruded plastic that are mounted from the wall or ceiling and provide excellent space separation and temperature control as well as easy access to adjacent areas in facilities within every industry.

According to a spokesperson for Goff’s Enterprises, installing strip doors in industrial and commercial environments can result in long term process flow improved efficiencies , quick return on investment, and maximized staff convenience, all the while reducing energy bill expense. “In manufacturing houses and plants where there is frequent transportation of heavy goods and merchandise, swinging doors, especially those that can be opened on one side only, can pose to be an inconvenient hassle. Goff’s strip doors on the other hand don’t require an extra hand to open or close and one can easily walk or drive through, without wasting any time.”

Convenience is just one of the perks offered by innovatively designed strip doors by Goff’s. “Strip doors can reduce heating and cooling costs by maintaining a consistent temperature and uniform flow of climate controlled air within an enclosed space. Manufactured using a special extruded PVC material, strip doors can retain the specified climatic conditions within an enclosed environment which means lesser usage of energy for heating and cooling systems which significantly cuts down on the utility costs."

Coming to the visual specifications, the representative for Goff’s highlighted the main aspects of the doors, which includes transparent visibility and light weight design. “Goff’s strip doors are manufactured using high quality, light weight yet durable plastic, and are easy to maintain and clean. While they offer long term feasibility the replacement and repair of these strip doors is also easy, quick and hassle free and does not hinder the performance of your company. The thick yet transparent plastic allows for full visibility across the other side, which means workers can view what’s going on at the other side and reduce the amount of accidents and collisions that might take place in a crowded and high traffic work place.”

Strip doors by Goff’s can be incorporated in the loading bays of a warehouses and factories, within climate controlled areas in factories and production units, in high traffic environments such as super stores, garages and equipment storages and much more.

Goff’s offers strip doors in 19 different sizes and they can also be custom designed as per the unique requirements of users in all kinds of industrial and commercial locations.

To learn more about the different variants of strip doors and barrier solutions offered by Goff’s, contact the company directly or take a look at http://www.goffscurtainwalls.com/

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