Jeter Farewell Tour Tickets Among Highest Priced on the Schedule at Each Stadium

For the better part of the past two decades, you’d be hard pressed to find a more universally beloved player across the world of baseball than New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter. From his very first season in the Bronx, which culminated with a Rookie of the Year award and World Series Championship, it was clear that Jeter had the profile of a Yankee lifer—the type of gritty yet innately talented player that could one day find himself on a plaque in Monument Park. Nearly twenty years and five World Series rings later, The Captain is lacing up the cleats for one final rodeo around baseball. When all is said and done, that monument will very much become a reality.

Over the course of the season, various teams around baseball are planning to honor Jeter before his final game at their respective home stadiums. The ceremonies will be similar to those of Mariano Rivera’s farewell tour last season. Undoubtedly, all the winning Jeter has done has created some bitterness amongst fans of the teams he has defeated. But also like Rivera, the way Jeter has played the game and carried himself over the years has made fans amongst even the most rival fan bases. It’s perhaps impossible to be a true fan of baseball and not appreciate the career of Derek Jeter.

As a result of this appreciation, fans around baseball are indeed paying top dollar to see Jeter one last time at their respective ballparks. Jeter will be making stops at 18 different stadiums this year, and current secondary market ticket prices for each one of those stops are well above the respective team’s season average. In fact, ten of these 18 games check in as top five highest priced games of the year for the opposing team, and not one ranks below being the 18th most expensive game. Overall, Jeter farewell games rank as the 6.56th most expensive games of the year for each team.

Below is a ranking by price of Derek Jeter’s farewell games:

Jeter Farewell Tour Prices At The Ticket Booth

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