Bruins Tickets Have Biggest Face Price Discount For 1st Round Of NHL Playoffs

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In three out of the last four season, the Bruins have faced an original six team in the first round of the playoffs. This year, they’ll face off against the Detroit Red Wings,  a team they haven’t met in the playoffs in 57 years. Despite that history, this is the second cheapest first-round playoff series for the Bruins over the last four years. At a current average price of $305 on the secondary ticket market, the series is only more expensive than the Bruins 2012 series against the Capitals. While this is one of the cheapest playoff series over the last four years for fans at TD Garden, it’s still the 3rd most expensive first-round series for NHL Playoff tickets. This years, Bruins tickets trail only the Rangers and Blackhawks for the most expensive average price on the secondary market.

Of those three teams, however, the Bruins are the only team with tickets on the Secondary market selling below face price. That discount to primary market prices is not, however, the result of lackluster demand, but rather because of the highest primary ticket prices amongst any of the current playoff teams. At $155, the cheapest primary-market Bruins tickets at TD Garden are 140% more expensive than the average price of across all the other 15 teams in the playoffs. At $80, Penguins tickets are the next most expensive for the cheapest pricing tier for their games at Consol Energy Center. At $21, Colorado Avalance tickets have the cheapest get-in price on the primary market. As a point of comparison, the cheapest Bruins tickets are 730% more expensive than the cheapest Avalanche tickets.

As a result of their high entry-level pricepoint, the cheapest Bruins tickets are selling for 20% under face price on the secondary market. Along with the Bruins, five other teams have an average price on the secondary market that is lower than the primary price for their cheapest ticket. Those teams are the Blues, Lightening, Penguins and Stars. None however, has a discount on the secondary market that is higher than the Bruins. The next closest is the Blues, with their cheapest primary market ticket going for $78 for games at Scottrade Center and that same ticket going for $63 on the secondary market. That difference amounts to a 19% discount. Both the Bruins and Blues are the Vegas favorites to make the Stanley Cup in the respective conferences. It seems that both teams recognize the position they’re in and are looking to capture 100% of the market demand for their post season run, and then some.

Below is the list of each team, along with their average price on the secondary market as well the cheapest ticket on the secondary market and the cheapest ticket on the primary market.

Team 2ndary Average Price Cheapest Secondary Price Cheapest Face Price Secondary over/under Face
Rangers $392.61 $133 $67.00 98.51%
Blackhawks $359.83 $105 $72.36 45.11%
Bruins $309.79 $124 $155.95 -20.49%
Habs $305.18 $95 $71.00 33.80%
Penguins $289.82 $69 $80.20 -13.97%
Blue Jackets $250.73 $75 $59.50 26.05%
Lightning $218.38 $35 $40.75 -14.11%
Blues $214.07 $63 $78.15 -19.39%
Kings $185.27 $65 $64.00 1.56%
Flyers $182.26 $81 $72.00 12.50%
Avalanche $164.98 $31 $21.00 47.62%
Red Wings $159.98 $36 $28.25 27.43%
Wild $155.77 $61 $48.35 26.16%
Sharks $151.40 $68 $76.75 -11.40%
Stars $145.14 $45 $39.61 13.61%
Ducks $138.59 $28 $28.00 0.00%

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