Stonefield Software Releases New Stonefield Query Enterprise Web Version

Orlando, FL, May 12, 2014 –(– Stonefield Software Inc. is excited to announce the release of Stonefield Query Enterprise, the newest version of the award-winning Stonefield Query product line. Stonefield Query Enterprise is a complete rewrite from scratch using the C# language for the back-end engine components and ASP.NET MVC for the web front-end. The new version allows Stonefield Software to take advantage of the latest technologies.

Here are some of the features of this new product:

· Web UI: the current version of Stonefield Query is a desktop application. While it works great for the over 200,000 people using Stonefield Query, many clients wanted reporting for web applications. Stonefield Query Enterprise is that solution.

· New reporting features: Stonefield Query Enterprise has many new features that are difficult or impossible to add to the current version. Some of these new features include:

– Support for sub-reports
– Displaying HTML and rich text with full formatting
– Availability of other types of controls such as bar codes, QR codes, and check boxes
– Sorting on group totals
– Support for multiple column fields in cross-tab reports
– Better localization of reports: headings appear in the language of the user running the report, not the one who created it
– And many other great new features

· Rich API: every aspect of Stonefield Query Enterprise is exposed through the API. This makes it dead simple to integrate with any own application. Create and run reports programmatically, manage security, or dynamically update the data dictionary as necessary.

· Extendible: Clients have always been able to extend and control the features of Stonefield Query through scripting. In Stonefield Query Enterprise, plugins take this to the next level. Because plugins have full access to the Stonefield Query object model, customization of Stonefield Query Enterprise is now possible in ways you could only dream of before.

· Support for multi-tenant applications: Stonefield Query Enterprise was designed to work in a multi-tenant environment. Whether it’s one database with row-level security for all customers or one database per customer, Stonefield Query Enterprise has it covered. Users can only see the records and reports for their own company. Of course, it works just fine in a single customer environment too.

· Updated Stonefield Query Studio: the developer part of Stonefield Query got a facelift too. It integrates with custom plugins and functions so they’re available for expressions. Join trees give finer control over how indirectly related tables are joined. It is now possible to preview the contents of calculated fields and virtual tables and test joins between real and virtual tables. Value converters, either built-in or customer designed, change how the contents of a field appears in a report.

Check out Stonefield Query Enterprise today.

Try it with any data, by downloading the demo from (choose “Web version” from the Download menu). Or try out the report designer online without installing anything, click the “Try it now” button at to run the demo on the Stonefield Query web site against the famous Northwind sample database.

Stonefield Software Inc., the makers of the award-winning Stonefield Query, has been developing Business Intelligence database reporting solutions since 1991. Stonefield has partnered with over 800 OEM and ISV partners to deliver BI reporting solutions to more than 225,000 users in over 65 countries globally to date. Our customers span all sectors and industries from public to private, military to non-profits, Fortune 500 to Small and Medium Enterprises (SME). Stonefield Query has been designed and developed with the end-user in mind.

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