$75,000 Apple Watch revealed

It had to happen. The Apple iPhone has got the gold and diamond treatment since years. It was inevitable that the Apple Watch will be offered upgraded with diamond by jewelry companies specializing in dressing up gadgets.

Brikk offers the Lux Watch collection that tops at $75,995 with the Omni line. The Lux Watch Omni puts the insides of the upcoming Apple Watch inside a 24k gold, 18k pink gold or 950 platinum. 

The diamonds placed on the luxury Apple Watch have color and clarity of VVS and 12.3 carats. The diamonds used are natural and conflict free says Brikk. The Brikk Lux Apple Watch will be delivered with a aluminum zdero Halliburtion case with carbon fiber and suede leather interior. 

The lowest priced Lux Watch line starts at $7,495. The Lux Watch standard differs compared to the Omni mainly by using much less diamonds.

The Lux Watches can be pre-ordered at Brikk now and will ship 4 to 6 weeks after the release of the Apple Watch.

There are other companies offering the Apple Watch with expensive enhancements like Mervis Diamond Importers. Their design is available for pre-order for $30,150.


Apple will hold a media event on March 9 that will be revealing the missing details about the  Apple Watch including the pricing of the more expensive models. Apple also offers a luxury line that houses the electronics inside a 18k gold casing.

Originally posted on I4U News.

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