Starbucks Stores to reopen Today after Computer Outage

There is a world out there which kick start their day at the Starbucks wafting with the beautiful aromas of coffee and pastry. They return to seek refuge all day at the wonderful store which is often joked to be situated after every corner. What the customers might not realize so often that the store they inhabit so much has a smooth system running because it is entirely computer based.

The stores are literally run be computers; the orders are placed and communicated via computers, billing and registering are done on computers, if a personal touch wasn’t needed, it might as well be computers operating the whole shop. 

Well times like these will probably make the store owners thank their stars because computers are after all machines and with a vast network like Starbuck’s, the entire system crashes if the mainframe crashes. That’s what happened when the Starbucks entire computer system crashed. 

It wasn’t the only place to suffer the problem. Evolution Fresh and Teavana Tea Bar were also faced with the same problem.  About 8000 branches of the store were hit by the outage across US and Canada. 

The customers on Friday were not turned away from the store. To compensate for the inconvenience, customers were served free coffee and food. The next few hours went with people posting their pictures on social media enjoying free food.

The stores closed up early on Friday night to deal with the outage. The store announced that the outage problem was fixed and Starbucks will be opening stores on Saturday as usual. So will Evolution Fresh and Teavana Tea Bar.

Source: Starbucks

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