Microsoft Edge and Universal Apps are Build 2015 Highlights

Microsoft made several big announcements at the Build 2015 developer conference. The keynote hosted by CEO Satya Nadella features several huge announcements. Microsoft will enable Universal Apps on Windows 10 smartphones. This means developers can port their iOS and Android Apps to Windows 10 with new Microsoft developer kits. This initiative is aimed at getting more apps for Windows phones.

This is certainly a great idea, but Windows smartphone market share is still tiny compared to Android and iOS. Developers will only bother if Microsoft can change that with Windows 10. 

The other big announcement in the Build 2015 keynote was about the new Microsoft web browser known as project spartan. The replacement for the Internet Explorer will actually be called Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Edge will be part of Windows 10 and available on all devices including smartphones and tablets. Microsoft is also enabling developers of extensions for Chrome and Firefox to easily port them to Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft has high hopes on Windows 10. The company predicts that 1 billion device wiil run on Windows 10 in three years time. 

The Microsoft Build 2015 keynote closed out with a demonstration of HoloLens. The Microsoft VR platform is based on Windows 10 and developers will be able to experience the system at the conference at hundreds of demo systems.



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