Yahoo Releases Livetext Video Texting App

Yahoo has officially released its own version of a sharing app called Livetext. Today Yahoo demonstrated the app in New York City at a press event. The demo was given by Arjun Sethi the Senior Director of Product Management, as he started a chat with his friend. 

Users can share video footage with each other while making faces or to show off their surrounding similar to the Snapchat; however the video does not have any sound.  The app also allows texting on the video screen. The text format is similar to many other apps and even includes emojis. 

To connect on Livetext users have to agree to connect with each other. The Livetext session starts by asking a friend and when the other participant joins online then the video session from both sides starts. If one friend is offline then text messages can be sent but no videos unless both participants are online. 

According to Sethi even though right now the video chat is compatible for one to one person, group chats session may be the next step for the app. The senior director of video at Yahoo Adam Cahan stated in Tumblr blog that the voice less video actually add more to the experience.

People often refrain from video chats because they feel like appointment and they have to talk, therefore no sound takes out the stress from a video experience.  

Additionally there is no time limit on the conversations but people usually opt for short lived sessions. When asked if the app has been released to rival Snapchat, Cahan denied the claim and stated numerous communication tools now exist and the app has been designed to take the place of regular texting but with more emotions. 


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