18 Amazon Dash Buttons Released

Amazon started to sell their unique Dash Buttons.

Amazon unveiled the Amazon Dash Button in April. The small $5 gadgets are bringing 1-Click shopping to the physical world.

With the Amazon Dash Button consumers can re-order staples where they keep them.

The Amazon Dash Button comes with a reusable adhesive and a hook. Consumers are be able to hang, stick, or place it right where they need it. 

When stock is running low, pressing Dash Button will automatically re-order.


Dash Button setup works with the Amazon app to connect the button to the home Wi-Fi network. The app is also used to select the product that are associated with a Dash Button. Amazon sends an order alert to a phone, making it’s easy to cancel an order. The Dash Button responds only to the first press until the order is delivered.

The Dash Button is available now for 18 brands including Tide, Glide ForceFlex, Bounty Napkins, Kraft Sponge Bob Easy Mac Cup, Larabar and Olay Total Effects.

Amazon yet again found a new way to make it more convenient to shop. 

Find all 18 available Dash Buttons on Amazon.com.

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