New Skinny Jeans for Women Charges and Hides iPhone

American Fashion label Joe’s Jeans introduced a jeans especially made for women who need extra battery power for their iPhone. The #Hello Jeans line offers a a hidden side pocket for the iPhone. In the belt area a slim pocket holds an external battery.

With a short cable the battery pack is connected to the iPhone. Joe’s Slim battery is especially made for the #Hello Jeans. It charges the iPhone 5 and 5S up to 85% and the iPhone 6 up to 70%. The “Jeans power bank” sells for $49.


The #Hello Jeans sell for $189 and come in four styles on the site.

Most gadget garments are for men. It is good to see a product especially made for woman that optimizes their life with gadgets. The design of the #Hello Jeans is not compromising on the sexy skinny look.

As for now the #Hello Jeans only supports the Apple iPhones.

Originally posted in i4u News

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