Microsoft released 3rd Windows 10 Updates with KB 3081438

Windows 10 started to roll out on July 29. The first Windows 10 update (KB 3081424) came a week later. The 2nd Windows 10 update (KB 3081436) followed 5 days later. Three days later on August 14, Microsoft has yet released another patch. The 3rd Windows 10 update (KB 3081438) lacks details.

The previous update had details about several security fixes. This update contains improvements to enhance the functionality of Windows 10. All Windows 10 updates are cumulative. This means all fixes released in the previous two patches are also included in the KB 3081438.

It is unclear if the aggressive patch schedule is motivated by new bugs Microsoft encounters. It could also be that features and improvements that have been in the works and did not make the initial release of Windows 10.

Microsoft did say to actively manage the Windows 10 roll out and to fix issues as the occur. They even would slow down the roll out to make sure the experience is good for consumers.

Some consumers have also encountered issues with updates including reboot loops. When automatic updating is set, users will get this patch downloaded and installed automatically.

We have detailed the process to switch off automatic Windows 10 updates in case there are problems. Some user experience repeat reboots after the last update. 

Microsoft also offers this update as a stand-alone package in the Microsoft Update Catalog site.

The roll out of Windows 10 is expected to have passed 25 million.

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