Amazon Christmas 2015 Rumor – Smallest Tablet Ever?

With Labor Day having come and gone, Christmas is starting to roll out into stores and onto the internet – and everyone is trying to get a head start on the competition. Amazon is one of the first to have rumors come out about specific Christmas sales, and this time it has to do with selling budget conscious tablets to the general public.

The company is rumored to be introducing a 6-inch, $50 tablet, according to CNET, just in time for the holidays. It will be about half the price of the Kindle Fire, making it one of the least expensive tablets on the market.

Amazon also has plans to release tablets that are 8- and 10- inches, though there have been few rumors as to a timeline or price point. The 10″ would be larger than the current tablet they offer.

The internet retailing giant released the Fire HD 6 to some complaints about the way they were doing things. The $99 version has screen-saver advertisements, but for just a little more at $114, you won’t see them. It isn’t clear whether or not this new tablet will have ads.

The timing of this report couldn’t be more perfect, because it is just a few days before Apple is expected to announce a larger iPad Pro. The newer iPad will have high-res display and could have a brand new speaker system.

Since last year, the sale of tablets has actually fallen considerably – about 7 percent during the second quarter. Many blame this on the lack of innovation and accessories that one can get with most tablets.

Apple and Samsung dominate the tablet market, amassing market shares of 24.5 percent and 17 percent, but that doesn’t mean that they are really doing any better in getting their products out onto the market. Shipments of tablets from Apple have declined by more than a quarter since 2013.

Still in the works for Amazon? A rumored computer for the kitchen, a tablet that delivers 3D images without the need for glasses, and a better phone system.


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