Chinese Tsinghua reportedly targets Sandisk and Toshiba NAND Businesses

China’ state-owned Tsinghua Unigroup is according to industry sources targeting Sandisk’s and Toshiba‘s memory units for aquisition. China has a grand plan to become independent for storage devices, DRAM and NAND flash memory.

These aquisition plans are supposed part of a deal with Micron Technology. According to Digitimes, Tsinghua Unigroup is seeking a strategic alliance with American Micron, taking over 10 to 20% stake. 

As Micron does not own all technologies to make NAND chips, Toshiba and Sandisk have come into play according to Digitimes source.

The Tsinghua Unigroup Micron rumors have started to appear past summer. In a recent report on Seeking Alpha all deals between Micron and Tsinghua have been marked as highly unlikely.  Adding that Digitimes has a mixed track record for rumors, this new semiconductor industry rumor has to be taken with a good dose of scepticism.

Tsinghua Unigroup is a rather mysterious company and not a lot of details are known. This makes it the idea feeding ground for rumors.


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