This USB Stick makes Your Xbox One Wireless Controller Work on Windows 10 PCs

Sometimes a small thing can make a big difference. One of these things is the Xbox Wireless Adapter. The $24.99 USB stick is enabling the use of Xbox One Wireless Controller on Windows 10 PCs, laptops, and tablets.

Xbox fans can play their favorite PC games, and Xbox One games streamed to Windows 10 with the wireless Xbox controllers. The Xbox Wireless Adapter will ship on October 20. The new Microsoft accessory only works with Xbox One Wireless controllers and not with wireless controllers of the Xbox 360.

The Xbox Wireless Adapter is available on for pre-order, but has a November 3 release date. The Microsoft Store lists the Xbox adapter with announced Oct. 20 release date, but is already marked out of stock.

It appears that the Xbox Wireless Adapter is in high demand. As said at the beginning of the report, small things can make a big difference. Looks like the Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows is making a difference for a lot of gamers.

Microsoft took steps with Windows 10 to integrate the Xbox. If there will be a synergy effect that drives PC and Xbox console sales, remains to be seen.

Sony took last week a preemptive measure to make sure gamers are not flocking to the Xbox One just because of price. Sony cut $50 off the Sony PS4 and Sony PS4 Bundles including the two Star Wars Battle Front bundles.

The Holiday video game console sales war is coming soon. The first face-off will be on Black Friday 2015. Microsoft and Sony are expected to bundle special Black Friday bundles. Retailers are also again going to offer the Xbox One and the Sony PS4 bundled with gift cards.

The best Xbox One Black Friday deals last year were the $329 Xbox One Holiday Bundles with a $50 Gift Card. Meijer and Abt Electronics offered those Xbox One deals.

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