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Alibaba IPO poses pivotal test for Yahoo CEO

Source: Business Balla | May 7 2014, 6:04pm CDT | by Associated Press

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer will face a $10 billion decision in a few months. She...
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uBeam's $10 Million Investment Has Caused A Big Debate

Nov 2 2014 3:23pm CST | Source: Business Insider

Last week, a startup called uBeam, working on way to let you charge your iPhone without plugging anything into a power outlet received a $10 million investment from Upfront Ventures. It had already recieved about $1.7 million from  a bunch of famous angels. uBeam is the latest moonshot startup darling in the Valley, founded by 25-year-old Meredith Perry. Angel investors include Google’s Marissa Mayer and Zappos co-founder Ton ...
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SJVNL signs pact with Nepal for hydro-power plant
Kathmandu, Nov 27 (IANS) Indian public sector company Satluj Jal Vidyut Nigam Ltd. (SJVNL) has signed a project development agreement with the Nepal government for executing the 900 MW Arun-III Hydro Electric Project in eastern Nepal, officials said Thursday. | by IANS
'I saw humans on Mars in 1979': Ex-NASA employee
New York, Nov 27 (IANS) A woman claiming to be a former NASA employee has stated that while watching some footage, she saw two humans walking on the Red Planet towards the Viking Mars lander in 1979. | by IANS
Mammoth cloning reality soon?
New York, Nov 27 (IANS) With the discovery of the best-preserved specimen of a mammoth found so far, cloning of the woolly animal is closer to becoming a reality, scientists report. | by IANS

uBeam Just Raised $10 Million So You Can Charge Your Phone While Walking Around Your House

Oct 31 2014 9:27am CDT | Source: Business Insider

If you want to charge your phone without being stuck by a power outlet, you don't have many options. There's the charging phone case mophie, of course. And there are charging mats, too, but your phone needs to be connected to the mat in order for it to charge. uBeam is a company that wants to change all that. It's using ultrasound waves to wirelessly charge your phone. To make that a reality, the company just raised $10 million in a Series A funding round led by Upfront Vent ...
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10 Things In Advertising You Need To Know Today

Oct 31 2014 4:27am CDT | Source: Business Insider

Before you head off for your Halloween parties, make sure you are up to date on the most important stories in advertising today. 1. WPP’s third quarter results are out and the world’s biggest advertising group has beaten estimates. Revenues were up 7.6% to $2.76 billion, far outpacing recent results from Omnicom (6.5% growth) and Publicis (up 1%).  2. Yahoo has hired Amazon’s top ad sales executive Lisa Utzschn ...
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Mayer reportedly trying to poach top Amazon advertising exec

Oct 30 2014 8:19am CDT | Source: Seattle Business Journal

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer may have answered critics with better-than-anticipated third-quarter earnings last week, but the Internet giant is still a long way from the turnaround that Mayer promised and investors are expecting. So it's no surprise that's she's trying to recruit top talent to help with the overhaul, including Amazon's head of global advertising sales, Lisa Utzschneider, Re/code reported Tuesda ...
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On Leadership: In PBS ‘Makers’ documentary, a reflection by female pioneers in business

Oct 29 2014 9:24am CDT | Source: The Washington Post

When "Makers," the documentary series about the women's movement and female pioneers, first interviewed Facebook executive Sheryl Sandberg and Yahoo chief executive Marissa Mayer, the two made waves. Sandberg confessed that she leaves the office at 5:30 every day, while Mayer grabbed headlines when she admitted she doesn't consider herself as a feminist. Read full article ...
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10 Things In Tech You Need To Know Today (FB, VZ, AAPL, YHOO, EA)

Oct 29 2014 4:50am CDT | Source: Business Insider

Good morning! It's going to be a rainy day in New York. Here's the tech news you need to know for today. 1. Facebook stock was down 10% last night after it announced its Q3 earnings. Its performance was solid, but guidance spooked investors. 2. The Antares rocket exploded seconds after launch yesterday. It was carrying over 5,000 pounds worth of supplies for the International Space Station. 3. Verizon has launched a tech news site. ...
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Marissa Mayer Is Close To Poaching A Top Amazon Executive (YHOO, AMZN)

Oct 28 2014 6:45am CDT | Source: Business Insider

Marissa Mayer is close to hiring Amazon's top ad sales executive, Lisa Utzschneider, according to Kara Swisher at Re/code.  Swisher says it's unclear what role Utzschneider would be hired for. She may be hired as a head of sales, or as a COO. Yahoo doesn't never replaced Henrique De Castro, who was COO until Mayer forced him out of the company. Either way, Utzschneider would be an executive with sales experience to help get Yahoo pointed in the right d ...
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