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Facebook expands privacy checkup tool

Source: Business Balla | May 22 2014, 5:00pm CDT | by Associated Press

NEW YORK (AP) — More Facebook users can expect to see a blue cartoon dinosaur popping up in their feeds, reminding them...
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Facebook Is Hiding Critically Important Information From Investors — Time To Open Up! (FB)

Sep 16 2014 3:32pm CDT | Source: Business Insider

On July 23, when Facebook reported its earnings from the second quarter, the company stunned everyone. Revenues were $2.68 billion, up 67% from the same quarter during the year prior. Even better: 62% of those revenues came from the sale of mobile ads, a business Facebook didn't enter until 2012, after its IPO. Facebook is now a $200 billion company. That's a huge number. Facebook's market cap is now larger than ...
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Get $100,000 worth of Google Cloud Platform credit for your startup

Sep 12 2014 7:42am CDT | Source: BetaNews

Having a startup business is all the rage nowadays; it is as trendy as a Pumpkin Spice Latte. Actually, if you go to Starbucks, you can probably overhear chatter from hipsters about some lamebrain scheme to launch a business. Of course, the business must have a wacky name to make it cool; throw a bunch of consonants (vowels are so passé) in a hat, pull out 5 and that's the new business name. Despite the deluge ...
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Can another drink relieve you from a hangover?
London, Sep 17 (IANS) Is "hair of the dog" the best cure for hangover? According to a renowned author and journalist, another drink is the way to get rid of those forgetful morning episodes of a dry mouth, headaches, nausea and lethargy. | by IANS
Squid skin technology produces vivid colour display
New York, Sep 17 (IANS) Researchers have created a breakthrough colour display technology that brings the quest to create artificial squid skin - a metamaterial that can 'see' colours and automatically blend into the background - a step closer. | by IANS
Australian PM backs medical marijuana
Canberra, Sep 17 (IANS) Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has thrown his support behind the legalisation of marijuana for medicinal use, the media reported Wednesday. | by IANS

Facebook to target emerging markets with ads tailored to connection speeds

Sep 5 2014 6:47am CDT | Source: BetaNews

Equality for all is a utopian ideal, but Facebook has plans to treat its users differently depending on where in the world they are. Specifically, the social network plans to change the way adverts are delivered to people based upon the speed of their internet connection. In a blog post drearily entitled "In High-Growth Countries, Reaching People Based on How they Connect", product marketing manager Brendan Sullivan reveals details of the plans which will make better u ...
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The Sweet Rides Of Tech's Millionaires And Billionaires

Sep 1 2014 10:41am CDT | Source: Business Insider

We all need to get from point A to point B. Some just do it in better style — mainly because they have millions or billions of dollars from their innovative startups. We all know these tech moguls can be humble, but we thought it'd be fun to round up what tech cofounders and CEOs are driving these days, which range from extremely modest to ridiculously expensive. Some of the wealthiest living in Silicon Valley own flashy $100,000 sports cars, while oth ...
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Love it or hate it, the Ice Bucket Challenge is good for charity: Chris MacDonald

Aug 28 2014 10:22am CDT | Source: Canadian Business Online

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg pouring ice water over his head for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. The viral stunt has raised a lot of money for charity, but it’s also raised a host of criticisms. The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has been mind-blogglingly successful, raising tens of millions of dollars and becoming a bona fide internet phenomenon. But it has also garnered considerable criticism. So, are the critics right? Is the Ice Bucket C ...
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Tech industry wages soar in the Bay Area

Aug 22 2014 8:23am CDT | Source: San Francisco Business Times

Technology industry employees in the Bay Area continue to have the highest salaries in the nation. Compensation for tech workers in San Francisco jumped 19 percent in 2013 to $156,518, according to a story in the San Francisco Chronicle. That was largest increase out of the 34 markets nationwide. Workers in the mid-Peninsula earned on average $291,497 a year, down 5 percent from 2012 but still the hig ...
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17 Companies You Didn't Know Were Founded By MIT Grads

Aug 17 2014 2:58pm CDT | Source: Business Insider

When it comes to star entrepreneurs in tech, Harvard and Stanford are the first two schools that come to your mind.  We all know that Mark Zuckerberg launched Facebook in a dorm room at Harvard. Microsoft founder Bill Gates is a well-known Harvard dropout. Sergey Brin and Larry Page were Ph.D students at Stanford when they founded Google. Yahoo co-founders Jerry Yang and David Filo also developed their site while at S ...
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Gates invents system to douse himself with ice water to benefit ALS patients

Aug 15 2014 2:27pm CDT | Source: Seattle Business Journal

Ever the innovator, Bill Gates designed and built a pulley system to douse him with water to become the latest tech leader to take part in the viral ice bucket challenge to benefit the ALS Association. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella took part in the challenge, with onlookers cheering nearby, earlier this week. Nadella then challenged Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and Google CEO Larry Page to take the challenge next. Then Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg challenged Gates to douse himself. Gates ...
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Can another drink relieve you from a hangover?
London, Sep 17 (IANS) Is "hair of the dog" the best cure for hangover? According to a renowned author and journalist, another drink is the way to get rid of those forgetful morning episodes of a dry mouth, headaches,...
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40 militants killed in Pakistan airstrikes
Islamabad, Sep 17 (IANS) The Pakistan army Wednesday said fighter jets bombed positions of militants in the North Waziristan tribal region and killed 40 local and foreign militants. "Today in precise aerial strikes...
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Indian origin man jailed for raping woman in New Zealand
Wellington, Sep 17 (IANS) A court in New Zealand Wednesday sentenced an Indian-origin man to six years and nine months in jail for raping a woman in her sleep, media reported. The accused, identified as Tajinder Paul...
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Australian student penalised in exam over hair cut
Canberra, Sep 17 (IANS) A 17-year-old student in Australia was penalised 20 percent marks in his chemistry examination for having a haircut that breached the school's uniform policy, media reported Wednesday. Dominic...
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Robert De Niro moves into $125k-a-month apartment
Robert De Niro has moved into a $125,000-a-month apartment. The 71-year-old actor and his wife Grace Hightower have moved out of their rental property in West Village and into the five-bedroom abode, one of the most...
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Leonardo DiCaprio named UN Messenger of Peace
Leonardo DiCaprio has been named a United Nations Messenger of Peace. The 39-year-old actor was appointed to the role by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to help promote the organisation's global action on climate...
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Beyonce and Jay Z to splash $85m on new home?
Beyonce Knowles and Jay Z look set to splash out $85 million on a Beverly Hills estate. The power couple - who have recently been hit by speculation their marriage is on the rocks followed by rumors the singer is...
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Katy B pays tribute to late brother
Katy B has paid tribute to her brother following his death yesterday (09.16.14). The devastated singer has cancelled all public appearances following the sudden passing of her sibling Andrew - who was left paralysed in...
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Victoria Beckham too busy for babies
Victoria Beckham is too busy to have another child. The Spice Girls star-turned-fashion designer - who has children Brooklyn, 15, Romeo, 12, Cruz, nine, and Harper, three, with husband David - insists raising her kids...
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Dwayne Johnson talks past arrest and theft ring
Dwayne Johnson was arrested ''eight or nine times'' by the time he was 17 after being involved in a theft ring. The 'Hercules' star had a tough upbringing in Hawaii during his teenage years and after getting evicted...
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