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Netflix had a rough year and now rumors appear that Verizon is going to launch a video streaming service as well.

Yo-Yo Stocks: Netflix, Facebook Bounced Back In May

Source: Business Balla | May 30 2014, 2:49pm CDT | by Forbes

The first five months have felt like tough sledding in the equity markets and yet the S&P 500 wraps up May sitting...
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Is Your Staff, Like Netflix, Hopelessly Devoted To Amazon Web Services?

Sep 30 2014 6:01pm CDT | Source: Forbes Real Time

Because many people first used the cloud through using Amazon Web Services (AWS), they find it tempting to think that anything can be accomplished on Amazon – but this assumption can result in very large bills and a substandard infrastructure. Here are some warning signs of blind devotion to AWS to watch ...
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Netflix branches into films with 'Crouching Tiger' sequel

Sep 30 2014 4:11pm CDT | Source: Business Insider

Los Angeles (AFP) - Netflix is branching out into the world of movies with a sequel to "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" that will premiere simultaneously on the online streaming service and in selected theaters next year."Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon: The Green Legend" will be the first of several major films backed by Netflix to be released on the same day, August 28, 2015, it said in a statement.The i ...
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New material promises 'perfect' solar absorption
New York, Oct 1 (IANS) Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed a material that comes very close to being "ideal" for solar absorption. | by IANS
Acupuncture may not improve chronic knee pain
Sydney, Oct 1 (IANS) Among patients older than 50 years with moderate to severe chronic knee pain, acupuncture does not improve discomfort any more than "sham" acupuncture, says a new study. | by IANS
OPEC daily basket price closes lower
Vienna, Oct 1 (IANS/WAM) The basket of 12 crude oils of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) closed at $94.17 a barrel Tuesday, compared to $94.54 Monday, the OPEC Secretariat said. | by IANS

‘Gilmore girls’ is responsible for the person I am now

Sep 30 2014 9:13am CDT | Source: The Badger Herald

In middle school I accomplished an early teen’s near impossibility every day; I would get home from classes, put my shitty raging puberty hormones away for approximately one hour and sit next to my mom in utter peace and silence. Together, we would watch an episode of “Gilmore girls.” I was sitting next to my mom when Rory Gilmore got into private school, battled her bullies, failed her first exam, met her first ...
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EBay Is A Perfect Example Of Why Traders Love To Piggyback On Carl Icahn (EBAY, MCD, WFM, FDO, DG, DLTR, NFLX)

Sep 30 2014 7:38am CDT | Source: Business Insider

This is why you follow Carl Icahn. On Tuesday morning, eBay announced that it would spin-off its PayPal unit in a deal that most investors hadn't expected until some time next year.  Earlier this year, Carl Icahn bought a stake in eBay and began agitating for the company to spin-off PayPal. Icahn exchanged a series of letters with the company's management, questioning conflicts of interest among some board members and within the broader Silicon Valley community of inve ...
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Column: College debt increasing

Sep 25 2014 12:36am CDT | Source: The Huntington News

If you aren’t familiar with the stereotype, here is your average depiction of a millennial college student: Lazy, entitled, self-obsessed, delayed in everything and, apparently, unable to read anything not in list form. And while we’ve all been those things from time to time – I’ve probably been all of them today, and it’s not even noon – the indolent “me, me, me” attitude doesn’t quite match up with the generati ...
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This Stat About Digg Reveals Biggest Difference Between Starting A Tech Company Now And Ten Years Ago

Sep 24 2014 9:40am CDT | Source: Business Insider

Vox's Timothy B. Lee has a great story on Digg's comeback. In it, he reveals a super interesting stat. It's a stat that explains why starting a tech company today is so different than starting a tech company when Digg was founded, ten years ago.  First some quick backstory. Digg was founded in November 2004. By 2009, it had 30 million monthly visitors.  Google wanted to buy it for a couple hundred million dollars. But by 2012, Digg's traffi ...
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Review: BlackBerry targets corporations, not consumers, with Passport phone

Sep 24 2014 9:05am CDT | Source: Canadian Business Online

TORONTO – There’s one indisputable fact about BlackBerry’s new Passport smartphone: it’s different. At a time when so many new smartphones seem to look alike, the huge square-screened, keyboard-equipped Passport certainly turns heads. While most phone makers favour the look of soft, rounded corners, the Passport is unapologetically sharp and boxy, inspired by the aesthetic of modernist architecture. It’s also inspired by travel documents. The Passport phone stacks neatl ...
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Cohan ’17: Lessons from ‘Louie’ in sports and life

Sep 22 2014 12:20am CDT | Source: The Brown Daily Herald

“Louie” is one of those shows that no one watches but everyone talks about, and by everyone, I mean critics. When it comes to TV, my wheelhouse is basically those shows and cartoons, so when I noticed “Louie” on Netflix I decided to find out for myself what all the fuss was about. I was hooked. A little over a month later, I’ve seen every episode. “Louie” is incredible. Incredible enough to vault itself into the discussion for my favorite show ever. Yes, I do have ...
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Asiad taekwondo: Indians knocked out
Incheon, Oct 1 (IANS) India's Nakul Malhotra (+87 kg) and Anand Pandia Rajan (-80 kg) were knocked out of men's quarter-final and Round of 16 matches, respectively, in men's taekwondo competition at the Asian Games...
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Skinny jeans, a staple trend
London, Oct 1 (IANS) Fashion trends come and go every season, but there have been particular standout styles over the past few years and one of them is skinny jeans. New research conducted by members at clothing label...
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India clinch women's hockey bronze at Asiad
Incheon, Oct 1 (IANS) The Indian women's hockey team put on a spectacular performance to defeat Japan 2-1 and claim the bronze medal at the 17th Asian Games here Wednesday. In a hard-fought playoff, India took an...
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Tintu runs out of steam, settles for silver
Incheon, Oct 1 (IANS) It was once again a case of so near and yet so far for India's Tintu Luka who, despite leading in most of the women's 800 metres final race, was overtaken by Kazakhstan's Margarita Mukasheva in...
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New material promises 'perfect' solar absorption
New York, Oct 1 (IANS) Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed a material that comes very close to being "ideal" for solar absorption. The material is a 2D metallic dielectric...
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Monk posing with iPhone 6 may face disciplinary measures
Bangkok, Oct 1 (IANS) A monk in Vietnam could face disciplinary measures after photos of him posing with an iPhone 6 were posted on Facebook, a Buddhist leader said Wednesday. Thich Thanh Cuong, head of a Buddhist...
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Affleck's kids not interested in 'Batman'
Los Angeles, Oct 1 (IANS) Actor Ben Affleck, who has three children with wife and actor Jennifer Garner, says his kids don't care much about his role as Batman because they prefer Disney's "Frozen" movie. The actor is...
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Tintu Luka wins women's 800m silver
Incheon, Oct 1 (IANS) India's Tintu Luka brought home a silver medal from the women's 800 metres final at the Asian Games here Wednesday. Tintu led most of the race but was overtaken by Kazakhstan's Margarita...
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Neil Patrick Harris dares George Clooney
Los Angeles, Oct 1 (IANS) Taking a dig at actor George Clooney's Italian wedding, actor Neil Patrick Harris has dared the Hollywood heartthrob to share his wedding pictures on a talk show. Harris, who got married to...
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Acupuncture may not improve chronic knee pain
Sydney, Oct 1 (IANS) Among patients older than 50 years with moderate to severe chronic knee pain, acupuncture does not improve discomfort any more than "sham" acupuncture, says a new study. Sham acupuncture is any...
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